Thursday, May 29, 2014

You Pray. What Else Can We Do?


Haha wow you guys did a lot of stuff this week! I'm glad no one died on the skydiving trip! Well done. Haha and I can't believe Jaxon trusted Jordan enough to cut his hair! Very brave. Haha I kind of wished I had attempted to learn how to cook better before the mission, maybe you guys can trick Jordan into cooking for you (Jordan, pretend you didn't read that). And no Dad, I don't think I'll be going to any soccer games. Haha I'm a little bit worried about the world cup though. It starts in a couple weeks, and literally, it seems like the world kind of shuts down whenever there is a game going on here. I get to play soccer almost every monday though, so thats pretty sweet.

We got some cool blessings this week.  We've really been trying to find more people to teach. It seems like for a while we got stuck in this problem where we had a lot of people we could teach, but we couldn't get any of them to really progress. But this week the Lord totally blessed us, and we got more new investigators in this past week than I have gotten during any other week here in Rodeo del Medio, and possibly during any other week ever. So we're really hoping that we'll be blessed again and that they can start progressing. It seems like everyone we know is right on the verge of a breakthrough, but we haven't quite been able to get any of them to take that leap of faith to start progressing. Woot! Horray for helping people! We also had stake conference this past weekend, and our mission president and a 70 came, and basically the whole conference was about members and missionaries working together. Haha no pressure.

We had kind of a bitter sweet experience yesterday. We've been teaching Teresa for about 4 months now. Yesterday, she finally prayed with us for the first time! I was here when we first met her, and she's been wanting to get baptized for a while now, but we've been struggling with getting permission from her dad. Yesterday we taught her 2 younger sisters, and three of them committed to get baptized. The lesson was at 4pm, and after they said they'd all get baptized, we committed the 3 of them to go, together, to their dad at 7:30pm to ask permission. We were hoping that with all 3 of them, he'd give in. We told them we'd call them at 9 to ask how it went. We called at 9, to find that they had done what we asked, but...the phone call...well, when an investigator is crying on the phone asking you to pray so she can get pray, I'm not sure what else we can do.

As a verse of the week, I was studying Alma 37:38-47 this week. I think my companion thinks I'm weird for reading that chapter every day for like half this week but, hey, I liked it. Anyway, I liked how in 41 it says that without faith and diligence, they couldn't progress. The cool thing about the Liahona, is that not only did it direct them to the end destination that they wanted, but Nephi also says that it guided them on a direct path throught the most fertile parts of the wilderness. Alma compares it to the words of Christ. Not only do they guide us to where we want to end up, but they help guide us through the best, most direct path. They still traveled in the wilderness, and it was way hard, but the Liahona kept them in the better parts. Kind of cool. Lots of cool cross-applications between the liahona and the iron rod (not to mention what Nephi says about the words of Christ in 2 Ne 31 and 33).

Well, I'm glad you all made it through your crazy week, and I hope you enjoy this upcoming week! Your first full week of summer! And happy Memorial Day (haha thanks for the reminder, I had no idea it was today)

Elder Webster

My favorite little kid ever (Lucas)

Me and Lucas and his brother Jesus.

one of the concrete fields at the churches I told you about. (this is one of the few that is actually set up to play basketball too.)

My companion being cold

A whole bunch of puppies looking around in the trash

My serious face.

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