Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cold Water Baptism


 Happy Birthday Jaxon and Dad!!! (again) Haha this week was also my companion's birthday. And JuanP's birthday. Haha so, lots of cake, which was nice. Those were some fun looking pictures from the fair! I'm glad you guys had a fun time! And I hope you have a blast at the fathers/sons campout! Those were always way cool. Haha and I'm glad to hear that my companion posted that he likes my spanish :) He's such a stud.

 So, guess what we had Saturday!? Yup, we finally had Patricia's baptism! Haha we still don't have hot water in the chapel, but the bishop finally gave in and decided we shouldn't wait anymore. So my companion and I were at the chapel basically all Saturday, heating water in a pot and in a teapot, using 2 electric heaters that we managed to get from some members so that we could have some warm water. Which...didn't work :) It was freezing! But whatever, it all worked out. Haha Patricia knew we were working really hard trying to get warm water, and she sent us a text in the middle of the day saying not to worry about the water, and that she didn't mind getting baptized in freezing water, as long as she didn't have to wait anymore. Way sick. We also had the baptism of our ward mission leader's son on saturday (he turned 8). It was a little awkward since our ward mission leader is really inactive and couldn't do the baptism... but...hey, maybe know he'll start coming to church. 

We're now working more with one of Patricia's brothers and his girlfriend. And we found a cool family this past week that we want to keep working with. And we got a reference last night that we are going to try to contact, who has actually been going to church in a different ward, but they just realized she's not a member and that she lives in our area, so hopefully that goes well. But yeah, its going good hear. Like always, we're trying to find more people to teach. Haha it seems like anytime people opens their door, it generally goes well. The only problem is it seems like we can go a day or two without anyone even opening their door sometimes. But hey, what can you do?

  So as a verse of a week, I was thinking of 1 Nephi 1:1. Yup. Classic. Mainly, I really like the implications of the words like "therefore" and "nevertheless". I also like how he says that he had lots of afflictions, but that he was favored of God (see the beginning of 1 Nephi 17:35 and Mosiah 10:13). Someone once said that trials aren't necessarily a reflection of our disobedience, sometimes they're just a reflection of life. JuanP told us this week that when bad things happen, we shouldn't ask "¿porqué?", we should ask "¿para qué?". haha that's kind of cool...but I have no idea how to translate it to make sense so...sorry. Just go learn spanish I guess:)

 Yup, so I hope you have another super awesome week! I hope everything is going great over there, and don't worry, its all good over here:)


Elder Webster

Me, Patricia, Benjamin (the 8 yr old), Elder Perez, and the bishop

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