Thursday, May 1, 2014

Efficient And Industrious


  Happy Easter! Haha it sounds like it was a pretty interesting week back home. That campout sounds like it was pretty fun and well planned, and haha I kind of almost forgot you guys would be doing all that Easter stuff there. Here, they basically celebrate from Friday to Sunday, they eat a lot of fish (the first time I've had fish was a nice change) and...thats pretty much it. They sell some easter egg looking things at some of the stores, but from what I could see it isn't a widely celebrated thing. Okay, I take that back. They celebrate it, but I think they mainly just celebrate it by sitting around all day.  And WOOT! Jordan's papers are in, I can't wait to hear where he's going! I sent him another email, but I'm guessing he's going to Chile! And happy early birthday to Jaxon and Dad!

  So, Patricia's postponed again. We still don't have hot water in the chapel. My companion and I went and found 4 different electric water heaters we were going to use to heat and manually fill the baptismal font, which I know other missionaries have done and its worked out fine. But we had an activity at the church on Friday and our bishop basically came up and convinced our investigator not to get baptized on saturday... telling her that our way wouldn't work well enough and that it would be better for her if she waited... so, thats a little annoying. I'm sure she'll still get baptized, and I know the bishop was only trying to help, and he says he's 100% sure we'll have hot water this week..we're just worried, because he said the same exact thing last week.. and we don't want him to talk Patricia into waiting for another month or something.

  Other than that, things are going well. We're starting to do weekly FHE in the church, and we're still trying to change how we work. Because before, we kind of spent a ton of time traveling to far parts of our area, and now we're trying to find more people near by so we can work more efficiently, with more people, and have a higher chance of them actually coming to church. Basically, before I would walk like 3 hours a day just trying to travel to places. We want to spend more time actually working and teaching. But, its all good.
 Haha training is actually pretty fun. Its kind of stressful, especially since we have to rely a lot on my spanish...which is a scary thought in itself, but I'm learning a lot.

  As a verse of the week I was thinking of Exodus 20:8-11. Yup, the sabbath day. I was thinking of it because like 2 weeks ago, Patricia stopped working on sundays so she could go to church, which was big, because she only worked on sundays. But last week, she ended up managing to get a new job, with more hours and more days, and that pays more per hour. Quite the awesome blessing for keeping the commandments. I was especially thinking about verse 9. Its a part of the 10 commandments that I think gets skipped over a lot, but right there it says that not only do we need to rest 1 day a week, but we need to work during the other 6 days. I don't think its saying we should be at work all 6 days, all day...but I definitely think that Heavenly Father expects us to be an "industrious people" that should be "anxiously engaged" in good things, all the time.

 So yeah. All good down here in the ol' ARG. I hope you guys had a great Easter and that you'll have yet another great week this week! Again, happy early birthday to Dad and Jaxon!


Elder Webster

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