Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day Trip

Thanks for all the pictures! They all look way fun! And Jordan's graduation looks way cooler than mine, super jealous. Haha but it sounds like everything is going good back home. That's crazy that its Jordan's last fast sunday there (speaking of which Jordan, don't forget to check your email:) ). It sounds like you've all been enjoying the summer, including mom and dad! Fun, Fun, Fun.

We had a pretty good week. A little challenging, but way good. Seriously, the Lord has been blessing Elder Perez and I a lot. I've been given more new investigators with Elder Perez over the past several weeks than I've ever had at any other time in my mission. Haha if only they would all progress! Still no luck with getting permission for Teresa or her sisters unfortunately. Haha plus, we literally have a handful of people that are willing to get baptized, but they all have things restricting them (they have to get divorced, and then married to their current "spouse"), which is a several year process here. Haha but hey, there has to be someone around here waiting for us that doesn't need that.

We had some interesting things happen this week. In the middle of district meeting in our chapel this week with other missionaries, two guys showed up asking who built the roof of the chapel. We told them we didn't know, but we offered to do a tour of the church with them, and they agreed! So, that was a weird district meeting. On saturday, we went to visit a recent convert from last year that I had never visited before. He came in the morning and told us he'd ride in the bus with us to help us get to his house. Well, a 1 hour bus ride later, and then a 20 minute walk, and we were in the absolute middle of nothing...and at his house. Then we asked when the next bus would pass so we could go back, and the only bus back was at 9 at night...So, we were kind of left with no choice but to be at his house all day, since there was literally no where to go from there. But we got to teach a way spiritual lesson there about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And they made an amazing asado (argentina bbq) for us!! Yesterday we also had an interesting experience. We were walking down the street, and a ways up the road was something that looked like a person on the ground. Turns out it was! So we got to try to help this guy who was totally passed out in a bush on the side of the road, which was...different. So yeah, good week.

So this week I wanted to share 2 scriptures. The first is Alma 60:11 and 21. These are 2 questions asked to the chief judge of the people, but they apply to us too, about how we really can't expect the help of God if we refuse to use the help he's already given to us. He doesn't do things that we can do ourselves. The second is Ether 2:22-25, 3:1-6. It struck me that in the first part, the brother of Jared prays, simply stating his problem, and all he gets is an answer where God basically says, "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" but in chapter 3, he prays to tell God the solution he had come up with and to ask for help, and that is when the miracle happened. Miracles don't happen when we tell God our problems. Miracles happen when we tell God the solution we've come up with for our problem, and when we need His help with that solution. These scriptures in Alma and Ether really just made me think a bit more what it really means to pray with faith.

But yeah. I hope you guys have had a great week and a great start to the summer! And have fun getting everything ready before Jordan leaves!! So exciting!

Elder Webster

Road to Said's house

My companion and Said harvesting grapes that got left behind in a vineyard

Me and more grapes

Said's house

Us enjoying the asado

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