Monday, December 16, 2013


Sorry for kind of worrying you guys about me being sick. I'm totally fine now, the whole thing passed after a day or two. I hope you didn't worry too much. And thanks mom for that quote, Ireally like it. And thanks Dad for that scripture. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be there. Its kind of weird, but something about being on the mission makes me think about the second coming more often, and I ask that same question about that. And good luck on your talk!!

This was kind of a crazy week. We decided to really start trying to focus more on the less-actives in the ward, which wasn't too hard to decide since our ward list has like 500 people and only about 40 people come to church. So we've been spending most of the week working with them, and a couple of them came to church this week, which was way cool. Haha and I set a baptismal date with one, so hopefully that will turn out. Haha we just knocked on the door and the mother and little daughter answered. We talked for a bit and the mom said they couldn't really talk to us right then, so then I turned to the little girl and just straight up asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she said yes, so then I told her when we wanted to help her get baptized, and then looked at the mom and told her we'd be back to help them prepare. Haha so that was cool, we'll see how that goes. This sunday was also the primary program, which was fun. Its funny how it seems like no matter where you are in the world, people are basically exactly the same. I had noticed it before but it was super evident with the primary program. The parents trying to help out, the primary president stressing out...haha good stuff.

And yeah, I guess I didn't really say anything about my new comp Elder Fullmer. He's from Washington and has about 10 months in the mission, 6 of which were in Argentina, and before that he was waiting for his visa in Ogden, Utah. This is also his first transfer as district leader, so he keeps asking me what to do and what other district leaders did, since I've been the comp of the district leader basically my entire mission...but I don't think I've been much help. Its a bit of a weird change from last transfer just because Elder Jones loved to constantly be talking and Fullmer is me. So we have some long, quiet walks sometimes. Haha but its good, figuring things out as we go along. I think I told you guys before, but we also live with the zone leaders, and one of them is new this transfer too. He's from Colombia and he's pretty cool. He really wants to learn english so we've been helping with that. Haha he drew me a picture this morning and it looks way cool. I asked him where he learned to draw, and he said he couldn't draw at all before his mission but he started to do it whenever he was super stressed and now... he's amazing. Haha so I guess thats one good thing that comes from the stress here.

So, as a verse of the week, I was thinking of DyC 103:36. It talks about how all victory and glory is gained through diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith. Way sick. And that section is talking about Zion's Camp, which I was reading a bit about the other day in the book "Our Heritage," and it talks about how crazy difficult Zion's Camp was but that from it came 4 future prophets and basically all the general authorities of the church for a long time. Kind of got me thinking about the diffirent types of victory and glory we can be looking for. I'm sure that at the time they thought it was a failure, but if we're really here to learn and progress, then it could possibly be considered one of the greatest successes of their lives. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and are getting stoked for Christmas! The kids here just got out for summer vacation, which was a little weird. But hopefully you guys are enjoying your Arizona winter and everything! Have a great week!!!!!!


Elder Webster

 View from the pench

Our awesome pench window

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Would the Devil Have More or Less Power if Everyone Was Like Me?


Yeah mom, but a lot of people here say "como anda?" or " que tal?" instead of "que pasa?" But I think that they don't use those 2 very much in mexico. And thanks Hailey for the email! Yeah, we just call each other elder all the time. Sometimes we use each others last names. Kinda weird. And thanks to the Lawrences and my grandparents for the emails too. I'm not sure I'll be able to respond to them though. And thanks for sending a package, can't wait to get it. Haha and it sounds like everyone is super busy trying to prep for the christmas season/winter break! Good luck with finals and with the christmas party stuff and nativity thing. Don't forget to actually enjoy it! And thats awesome that Derek baptized someone! He's such an awesome member-missionary and he'll be an amazing full-time missionary one day.

We weren't able to visit the Nuñez family this week, they were never home when we came over...or at least they didn't answer their door the times we tried to pass by. So not really sure how they're doing. Them and the Sosa family have been kind of hard to find lately...hopefully they still want to talk to us though.

We've been trying to work more with the less actives lately. We went to one house and  it started out with the mom complaining about how she needed help...and then we shared a scripture and all of a sudden she was inviting us to Family Home Evening this week and wants to make some treats and go caroling with us next week to the houses of some of her less active friends, so thats pretty cool.  We also met this pretty cool guy yesterday. We were walking down the street and this older guy was working in his yard. We asked if he needed help and he said no, so we kept walking. But then he called out asking where we from and it turned into an hour long discussion in his yard. So that was cool. There were also some less-actives at church this week that haven't come in a long time, so that was way sweet.

And Elder Fullmer is cool. He's from Washington. Pretty cool guy. He's been on his mission for about 10 months.

As a verse of the week, I was thinking of Alma 48:17. I thought that was pretty cool. I wonder what would be written about us if someone was writing about our lives. Would the devil have more or less power if the whole world was like us?

Anyway, I can't think of a ton to say today for whatever reason, but I hope you guys have a great week and keep being awesome!


Elder Webster

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Following (And Not Following) Promptings

Haha looks like you guys had a way fun Thanksgiving!! Haha I love that picture with Jordan, Hailey, and Jaxon posing like models or something. You guys are crazy!  Glad to hear you had a fun time with the Lawrences (including TAYLEE). Haha and I'm glad Dad finally got to see Duck Dynasty. It seems like a show he'd like, haha I loved watching that. And thanks for sending a package! I have no idea how that all works still but I guess I'll have to let you know.

So this week has been pretty good. It was a bit slow, because one of the Elders that lives in our pench ends his mission today, so all last week their companionship didn't do much because they had to do a lot of last minute stuff for him... and my companion was sort of getting easily distracted. It was weird seeing someone ending their mission though, that doesn't even seem possible. We went shopping with him today for some more gifts/souvenirs. And Dad you asked if I wanted money to buy stuff like that, but as much as I'd like to, I feel like thats something that can wait a bit. No need to carry a ton of souvenirs with me for 2 years when I have such little space as it is. But thank you!

So this week we had some interesting experiences with the Nuñez family. They are new investigators we met 2 or 3 weeks ago, but they're never home. We went by monday night and got inside, but the woman there was way mad at us for some reason and yelled at her dad ( the grandpa of the family) to kick us out... so naturally we came back the next day! We got in and taught them and all went well, and returned again later in the week. Its like she doesn't even remember that she hated us. So thats cool. We also learned an important lesson about always following the spirit, and how the Lord will never let you do something stupid without warning you. Unfortunately, we also learned that if you don't follow the warning, the Lord will let you do the stupid thing. We had more then one example this week, but one of them involves my companion receiving a prompting to put our cell phone in his sock while we were on a bus after he had sent a text to someone. He put it in his pocket instead. We got off the bus and now... our phone is gone. So...weird story about daily inspiration I guess.

Oh and Thanksgiving. Our lunch actually cancelled that day...but we ended up having dinner with a member, which is kind of rare/cool. We had chicken nuggets and salad. Not going to lie, way more delicious than it sounds. I think tomorrow the american family is going to try to make it up for us and give us thanksgiving...I think. Not totally sure about that.

Oh yeah, transfers. My companion is leaving to go serve in San Luis, and I'll be getting a new comp here in Mayor Drummond in a couple days. His name is Elder Fullmer. I definitely don't feel ready to teach someone the area goes nothing I guess. The other Elder in our pench is getting a new comp too (since his is going home). His new comp is from Columbia. Should be a fun transfer.

Verse of the week: Romans 5:19. I was studying obedience the other day and found this scripture. I know I read this verse a little while ago, and I almost used it as a verse of the week but I don't think I did... I hope. But I really like it, how the obedience of ONE can help many others become righteous. We each have that individual responsibility to be obedient.

So yup, I think thats everything. I hope you guys have another awesome week! When is winter break? Oh you asked about Christmas. Christmas eve is bigger than christmas here I think. Not a lot of decorations, but I hear there will be tons of fireworks and drinking. Sounds fun! Haha!

Anyway, have a great week, keep being awesome, love you guys!

Elder Webster