Monday, May 12, 2014

The Worth of Souls is Great

¡Hey, che!
It sounds like you guys are getting pretty busy! I kind of forgot the school year was about to end, thats exciting!And you guys have quite a bit of travelling to do too! And that is way super duper cool that Derek got his mission call!! That's way cool! Yeah, I really hope Jordan's call gets there in time for mothers day, I was actually thinking about that this morning. And with skype, I think we're going to try to do it at 6-7pm here, but we may start trying to get it to work a little earlier than that, por las dudas. Hopefully everything goes smoothly this time! We're super excited to get to do that and I believe we'll be doing it in our bishop's house... Assuming that our plans work better than last time.

This week was pretty good here. Haha I feel like I say that every week, but seriously, every week is great, no matter what happens. We've been trying to work a lot more with members, and this week we had 2 or 3 times where we went with a member to a lesson, and the member told us it was their very first time going with missionaries, and after each lesson, every single one of them told us they want to come with us again! (In fact, one of those was Patricia!) So that was pretty sweet. One of those lessons was with Teresa and her dad. We've been talking to Teresa for a while, and she wants to get baptized. The thing is that she's 15 and needs parent permission, which...we haven't been able to get. Her parents don't mind her going to church, but they aren't convinced about baptism yet. Yesterday, Teresa and her 2 younger sisters came to church, and it turns out that while they were at church, the parents were talking, and they decided they might try coming next week. Also, the dad told us he's decided he'd be alright if she gets baptized, but he says that the mom is against it. We think there's something going on that he didn't tell us, but either way, we're hoping that we're on the verge of another baptism with her! We're just praying her parents hearts gets softened, and it would be great if they start coming to church too! Woot!

So, the verse of the week. This one has to do with something I was thinking yesterday. Its D&C 18:10, about the worth of souls. This is what made me think of that: So, like 6 weeks ago, we were having our sunday meetings in a little house. Yesterday, we had our sacrament meeting in a new chapel, and we had to open the back doors because we needed some overflow space! My companion and I were sitting near the back, and I was just sitting there looking around, and was thinking about everyone there and about all the crazy things that they've told me about their lives. I've been in this ward for almost 4 months now, and I've got to see so many changes in the members and in the ward. I was so happy to get to be there with them, seeing all these people that I love so much gathered together. It made me think about how happy Christ must be everytime we do even the smallest thing to follow him. Plus, it was great to see 3 young children get up to share their testimonies about their baptisms, and getting to see Patricia sitting in from of me, nodding her head to every word those children said about baptism. Probably one of the more spiritual sacrament meetings I can remember.

Well, I hope you guys have a great week! It sounds like you all have a lot going on right now, hopefully it all goes well! Haha today I think we're going to have a little 5 de Mayo party. Haha don't ask me why 3 gringo missionaries, a missionary from Columbia, and a family from Argentina are going to get together to celebrate a mexican holiday but...hey, it'll be fun! And, I guess I'll see you later! Haha literally!


Elder Webster

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