Monday, April 7, 2014

PS Don't Send Packages


That's so exciting about Derek's mission call!!!! And you guys had a lot of questions about conference. So we had to take 2 different buses to get to the stake center, where we could watch it. They had it playing in spanish there. But we also had a small room set up there where all the gringo missionaries watched it in english, so that was fun.

So, this week. We had a few investigators that came to watch general conference, so that was exciting. Patricia had told us she was excited to watch it, because she really wanted to know whether or not President Monson was a prophet. She walked up to us after the last session and said, "I have something to tell you... I'm going to get baptized"!!! It was so amazing to hear those words!! (in spanish..but still). So we're super happy for her. Haha in fact as soon as she left, we started running around telling every other missionary we could find about the good news. Other than that, the rest of the week wasn't super eventful. It was a lot of appointments with people that weren't home. Oh, but we had a service project at someone's house, and halfway through, the person's neighbor came over to deliver a box of something, and so I went to go grab it. Haha turns out I got to carry around a box full of chicken feet, so that was fun...and unexpected. Yup.

Also, this week is transfers. My companion is leaving, and we're both a little sad. We had started having fun with each other and I feel bad that he has to leave this area. We've both kind of decided that this might be our favorite area ever. I'm not sure who my new companion is yet, I'll be finding out on Wednesday, but I heard he's from the US. Woot, gringo power.

So, as a verse of the week, I wanted to share Genesis22:1-14. The story of when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son. Someone mentioned it during conference, and I was thinking about it in terms of obeying without asking questions. Sometimes we don't want to obey or do things until we understand why we're supposed to do it. But sometimes, we have a hard time finding the reason behind the commandment. I think that if Abraham had complained and tried to figure out why he was supposed to sacrifice his son, he would have had a pretty hard time trying to figure it out, especially since in the end, it turned out that it wasn't even what God really wanted him to do, it was just a test. Just another lesson about how the only reason we need to have in order to obey a commandment, is the fact that its a commandment. Excuses only exist for people that want them.

Anyway, I hope you guys have another good week! Dad, have fun in New Mexico, and I hope you all have an eventful week (in a good way).

Elder Webster

PS The mission has told us to tell our parents not to send us any more packages. Yup. The president of argentina just made some really strict rules about importing things, including a rule that everyone is only allowed to receive $25 dollars worth of stuff from outside of the country, each year. Anymore than that and they have to get a license to import goods....or something. Anyway, point is, all the missions in argentina have announced that they dont want more incoming packages because they will be expensive, and likely won't ever actually make it through customs yeah