Monday, March 23, 2015

Future Generations

Hey again!
Haha sounds like everyone has been keeping pretty busy lately! I'm glad everyone is doing well! Haha and I'm glad that Elder Webster 2 didn't die from too many pupusas :) Haha Elder Webster 2 better learn how to make those. Dad keeps telling me to learn how to cook the food here but...I'm pretty sure you've all eaten pasta and chicken before :) Maybe I'll find something.

Elder Cook and I had a pretty good week this week. We were blessed to be able to have basically double the number of lessons this week than what we had the week before. Fabian is doing well and accepted a baptismal date, Jesús is doing well and committed to live the word of wisdom. So we're pretty excited for both of them. We also met a cool man this week. He stopped us in the street and asked us if we could visit him in his house. We said yes, and pulled out our agendas to write down where he lived, when he turned and opened the door to the house we were outside of and told us to come in. Well, technically it was a garage door, he's renting somebody's garage to live in. Anyway, I won't go into all the details, but he is a war veteran that fought for both the US (in Iraq) and Argentina (Las Malvinas...haha...). He's also got some serious things with his family and is looking for peace. We explained blessings of comfort and he asked for one. He was very thankful and we hope to be able to find him at home again! This week we also had exchanges, which went pretty well. I got to help set a baptismal date with an Elder in Guaymallen, and Elder Cook had his first experience with cocaine that was special.

Anyway, verse of the week. Recently during our lunches with the members, we've been asking them what their favorite scriptures are. This past week both the bishop and the wife to the stake patriarch shared 2 Nefi25:26 with us, and I really liked what they said about it. The verse talks about how the people in the Book of Mormon talked, preached, and taught about Jesus Christ so that future generations would know how to be saved. Both the bishop's family and the stake patriarch's family told us that they try to use that scripture as a pattern for raising their own families... it seems like it worked out pretty well. Maybe like 50 years from now when I finally get married, I'll have to give it a try :)

Well I hope you are all doing well. I'm doing as good as always. Have a great week!

Elder Webster

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