Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All We Can Do Is Keep Trying


Haha I never know what to say in response to how all of your weeks went. But I'm guessing that by now you've figured out that I'm basically going to say that "I'm glad you all had a great week!" at the beginning of my email every week haha. So... I'm glad you all had a great week!

This past week was pretty good. We're still having a little trying to find people who are actually at home at the times when they tell us that they will be home but... If I let that bother me I'd have gotten pretty depressed a long, long time ago. So no worries, all we can do is keep trying. Some of the highlights this week included getting to watch The Restoration with Agustin, Facundo and the rest of their family (they showed up towards the end). Haha and of course, we got to have an awesome asado (bbq) with them that night too! I'm pretty sure it was Elder Cook's first asado. Haha he loved it.

On Saturday there was a baptism at church that went well. Sadly it wasn't quite as big of a turn-out as we had hoped...considering it was just the missionaries, the bishop's family, Carlos (the person getting baptized), Carlos (a recent convert, who got to baptize the other Carlos...haha hopefully that made sense). So...yeah. But it was way cool that Carlos got to baptize the other Carlos. I'd talk more about it but...frankly I think this is just going to get very confusing since they have the same name. But, suffice it to say, they were both very happy. They've been friends ever since the first day that the newer Carlos came to church, and I think they carpool to church and everything now. The less-new Carlos even bought his own clothes to do the baptism, because he also wanted to get some clothes that he would be able to bring to the temple someday. haha those two are way funny together. They're the most humble, crazy viejitos ever.

So, as a verse of the week, I was thinking of Alma 19:33, specifically the 2nd half. It talks of how a change of heart caused them to have no more desires to do bad things. A lot of times in the church, thats how we talk about a "change of heart"--that we turn away from bad things of the world. But in reality, the majority of our decisions aren't really between "bad" things and "good" things. Often we are faced with decisions between things that might be "good", "better", or "best". I was thinking a lot this week about how a change of heart can help us not only make good decisions, but the best decisions. I don't think any of us are perfect enough that we couldn't benefit from changing our hearts a little more.

Well I hope you all have another great week! Don't do anything too crazy without me! :)

Elder Webster

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  1. "First asado" is on the same level as the first discussion in my book!