Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Sounds like a lot has been a pretty crazy week for everyone. And Happy Easter! Happy General Conference! And Happy Life!

This week was pretty good. It was a little weird, because right now I think we have more investigators here in Dorrego than I've had in my whole in this area, but for whatever reason, not a single one of them could meet with us in this past week. We've been getting blessed to be able to consistently find new people, and we're way excited to see all of them progress, but...well, progressing means getting better over takes time. One of the cool people that we got to start teaching was someone that my companion met during exchanges 2 weeks ago, the house that my companion said he would never go back to. Haha I talked him into it :) We went there and Elder Cook told me that it was like night and day from the first time he had went there. Its the house of a less active woman, her baby, and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend just recently got out of jail after being there for 10 years, and apparently while he was in jail he met someone that told him to try reading the Book of Mormon...which he did... 3 times. He has a lot of desires to change his ways and is positive that we are the ones that can help him, so we're excited to get to meet with him again.

On saturday we also had a special meeting with the stake president, the bishops from the stake, and the mission president. We talked about the importance of ward mission plans. Our bishop was so excited that he drove us to his house afterward to start making a plan then and there. He presented a part of it the next day at church, and we are having another meeting this week with the leaders in the ward to finalize the plan. We're really excited to be able to work more effectively with the ward.

So this week I wanted to share a scripture from 1 Nephi11:31-32. Its a straightforward and powerful testimony and prophecy about the life and death of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. I think it is important that we remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father both made for us. But His suffering and death weren't enough--He had to live again in order to completely conquer death for us...and He did it. And because He lives, we too can live. There is a beautiful video that talks about his sacrifice at √Č (thats the spanish page..I'm not sure what the english one is). I invite everyone to watch and share that video, especially during such an important time of year, when so many are brought to remember Him.

I hope you all have a great week, a happy easter, and a great general conference weekend. I hope you all know that I'm fine and that I love you all.

Elder Webster

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