Monday, March 2, 2015

Door Knocking

Hey che!

Well it sounds like everyone had yet another good week! Big surprise :) Thats like 80 good weeks in a row! Good job. Everything is going well here. Good old missionary work in Dorrego.
We had a couple set backs with people we had met that we thought were going to turn into great investigators, but it happens I guess. We were knocking doors on saturday though, and guess what happened! Somebody let us in! haha its been a while since I've actually gotten into a house while knocking doors, in fact its the first time its happened since I got Elder Cook. So when he told us we could come in, I actually asked him to repeat what he had said because I thought I had heard wrong :) Don't get me wrong, I'm not losing my faith or anything, but knocking on doors just hasn't been the most effective thing lately, as far as actually getting into their house on that same day. Later that same day, a man "chased" us down and asked us to explain the Book of Mormon to him. We gave him a copy and we have an appointment with him tonight, so hopefully these new people we've been blessed to meet keep showing the same level of interest :) Their lives kind of depend on it so....
The funny story week would have to be the baptism that the sisters had. Long story short, the font overflowed and flooded half the chapel. Haha luckily they don't really have carpet here, and we were able to clean up pretty quickly. Haha now the floors are all nice and clean :) I also got to do my first baptismal interview, so that was a way cool experience. I learned a lot.

Verse of the week has to do with learning. D&C 88:78-80. I read a quote from Elder Russell M Nelson this week that says "Education is the difference between wanting to help people, and being capable of helping people." I hope that the things that I continue learning will be things that make me more capable of helping others. I guess that explains why Heavenly Father, who knows everything, is so capable of helping us. Interesting.

Sorry, not a lot of time, I feel like I always leave stuff out. But I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Webster

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