Monday, March 2, 2015

Fishing For Men


Sounds like everyone had crazy weeks! Fun stuff though. Its better to be doing tons of stuff than to have nothing to do...right?

This week was pretty good. Agustin came to church! So that was way awesome. Most of the week we've been trying to find new people. Last week I mentioned that we had found somebody while knocking doors, and that later on someone chased us down to talk to us. Well the guy that we found wasn't there for our second appointment, and halfway through our appointment with the guy that chased us down, he told us that he was a less active member. So...yeah. But this past week we found a bunch of other new people! We didn't really change what we were doing at all, but it just...actually worked this week! We found like 7 new people that started listening to us! So that was definitely a blessing. They all seem way nice, but up until now, all of our attempts to have second lessons with them haven't really worked we're still struggling, just with different problems :) haha but no worries. Training Elder Cook keeps me busy enough haha he's got me exhausted. He's like the most energetic, off the wall, crazy person ever. He's way nice but...haha well you guys know me. I'm not exactly the most energetic, off the wall, crazy person ever. We get along, but since he's still coming along with the language, I'm like the only person he can really talk to, so all of his energy and craziness gets directed at me. Haha luckily I'm like the most boring person ever, so we balance out I guess.

So, verse of the week is something a recent convert shared with us this past week. He's a fairly wealthy man, and from I can tell, he inherited a bunch of vineyards or something, and he likes trying to invent things. Anyway, in his words, he told us that when he was younger, he liked to see himself as "el capo grande" (the big stud/awesome guy). He told us about how something had happened and he was humbled, and how now, Psalms 94 reflects how he feels, specifically verse 12. He is extremely grateful that he had been humbled enough to accept the message. It reminded me a little bit of what Elder Cook and I were doing the other day. We chose a random street on our map to go knock doors, and it turned out to be way rich there. Not a single person there accepted us, and from the small things that we were told from people, they don't really seem very happy. Just comments they made about their schedules, their family lives... they didn't seem happy. I don't want that.
Anyway, I'm glad you all had a great week! Things are going well here. They could always go better haha but who am I to complain? It could be worse. I could be.... haha I'm not going to finish that sentence. But I hope you all have a great week! Know that everything is going well here!

Elder Webster

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