Sunday, June 22, 2014



So I already had a pday this week, but in the offices we have pday on Saturday, so I get two pdays this week, which is kinda nice I guess.

So this week has been pretty weird. I got to the offices on Wednesday morning, which has definitely been a big change from Rodeo del Medio. Haha I'm going to miss that place so much, it was so great. I've actually been a lot busier here in the offices than I thought I would be, but I feel more like a guy with an office job than a missionary...but hey, here I am. So I'm learning how to be the new "financial secretary" (I think that's what you'd call it in english...). I'm still kind of learning what I'm learning, but the guy training me basically just walks around wherever he wants and is just leaving me to try to do stuff. He helps when I ask but...yeah. I'm basically supposed to make sure the mission has the money it needs for everything, and then I keep track of what they spend it on, and try to get more money from people in Buenos Aires. I get to go "undercover" when I go to the bank (no name tag, no tie, just normal clothes) so that people don't think every other missionary walks around with like 20,000 pesos like I do, so thats pretty fun. I also get to know the code for the mission safe with all of our money and passports and stuff. Haha thats pretty fun to open. And randomly laminating everything we can get our hands on. In the afternoon we're supposed to leave to go do missionary stuff, but it seems like no one has ever taken that part seriously before. My companion doesn't know the boundaries of our area, anyone that lives in our area, and he also doesn't know if we have an area book (the record that missionaries keep of what they do and who they teach). So...we basically just walk around every night in circles and talk to random people. Yeah, working in the offices has a lot of pros and cons. And I live in a pench with 8 other missionaries, which is weird. And other missionaries are always coming and going too, because its like the central part of the mission. Weird.

So, I was thinking this morning about 2 Nephi 9:51. Haha that'll have to be my "financiero" scripture for the week I guess. But its also something I want to apply to everything I do. Trying to focus my efforts on things that actually matter, in the long run.

Well, I don't really know what else to say, especially since I already emailed home once this week. But I hope you guys have a great week! And I don't know if you saw that other email, but I'm supposed to ask you for help with an international drivers license.

See ya!

Elder Webster

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