Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Oh hun, you've got an infection in your... intestines... or whatever"

 Thats way cool that you guys got to go to Liz's wedding! That's way exciting, and thanks for the pictures. It looks like it was great! Tell everyone hi for me! Its been forever since I've gotten to hang out with them. Haha I remember all the fun times I had with the Petersens :) And the Mellens too!
 It sounds like a lot of other exciting stuff has been going on too! I can't believe Derek, Skyler, and Jordan are all leaving so soon! And thats way cool that Derek and I both did our "farewells" on Fathers Day (Happy Fathers Day!!! By the way). I hope Hailey and Jaxon are both having a good time with their camps, and Jaxon's trip. And thats crazy Dad, your new job! I have no idea what a procurement team is...but sounds nifty :) And I'm glad you aren't going to be moving while I'm gone!
 As for me, as always, all good in Argentina. Haha one of the quotes of the week would probably have to be when our mission nurse told me over the phone: "Oh hun, you've got a bacterial infection in your...your intestines or whatever". Haha don't worry I'm fine. I was throwing up in the morning the other day, but I was out working by the afternoon, and everythings fine. Its amazing how you feel after drinking 2 bottles of spanish pepto bismol. Haha sorry if that sounds worse than it was, I'm totally fine, no worries. And the Lord has been helping us find more people to teach. One of the families that we're super excited about is the family of Aldana and Mauro. Basically, Aldana talked with missionaries like a month ago and they gave us her address since she lives in our area. But all they gave us was the name "Aldana" and an intersection of 2 streets (and one of those streets doesn't exist...). But hey, we found her!! We've tried a few times before, but it turns out all we had to do was walk down a road for like 2 hours until it hit a dead end, turn left and walk for lik 10 minutes, and there she lives in the middle of nothing! Easy. Its a family of 11, but we've only met her and her brother so far, and after 2 visits they've both told us they'd get baptized if they find out what we've said is true, so now all we have to do is...motivate them enough to read and pray! Haha easy enough...right?
 So as a verse of the week, I was thinking of something from the New Testament. In Acts 9:10-18. Saul had been traveling around, persecuting the followers of Christ, but then had a vision and also went blind. In these verses, the Lord tells his disciple, Ananias, to go help Saul. In fact, He tells him that Saul had already seen in vision that Ananias would come to help. At first Ananias was hesitant, but then he went to help. The Lord even told him which house and street to look in. Saul was then baptized, is renamed Paul, and goes to preach the gospel and wrote 14 epistles (essentialy the majority of the New Testament). I guess what I'm trying to say with this is that God really prepares people to hear the gospel, and sometimes the people that are prepared aren't the ones that we're expecting. It was also impressive to me that it says that Saul had the vision that Ananias would come, before Ananias even received the prompting to go to him. It shows to me the great trust that the Lord had in Ananias, and that He knew he'd obey. I'd like the Lord to be able to trust me like that. That He could be so sure that I would do what I was told, that He could prepare others so specifically for me.
 And yeah, so thats the stuff I've been thinking about lately. I hope you are all doing great and enjoying the summer there! Dad, good luck with the new job! And I hope everything goes well with all the big plans everyone has coming up! Can't wait to hear from you all next week!

Elder Webster

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