Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life As An Office Missionary


  Yeah this is way weird writing you on a saturday. But it sounds like you all had a good week! I love the pictures from Jaxon, and it sounds like Hailey had an awesome time at girls camp! I can't believe Jordan is heading off to the MTC this week either. Ridiculous.

  So Dad asked a lot of questions. I'm technically in the Godoy Cruz Centro area. Its a lot more "cityish" than anywhere I've been before. Its about an hour or 2 from my last area. Its weird living with so many elders. We basically live in the headquarters of the mission, so anytime missionaries have to come to the offices, they have to come sleep at our pench, so we've had up to like 20 people there at a time. And yeah, we swap companions a lot. We're only ever really with our companion when we go to work in our area, and I was only in my area like 5 hours last week.. And we speak a ton of english in the office. Its kind of spanglish, I guess. We still speak plenty of spanish, but almost everyone here speaks english, and we're always calling people and using websites that are in english.. And sorry, I'll try to send more pictures next week!

  So we've had a pretty busy week this week. We're getting a new mission president this weekend so we've been trying to get everything prepared so that he doesn't have to worry about anything when he gets here. I'm definitely going to miss President Avila though. Him and his family are way awesome. So I guess next week I'll know a little bit more about what the new president is like, so thats cool. We should be meeting him tomorrow, so we get to be the first ones in the mission to meet him. And I think we're even going to have a lunch with both of the mission presidents, so we're definitely the only ones that will get to that. So I guess there are a couple of advantages to being in the offices. I kind of like it here, but I definitely don't feel like a missionary now. I've only spent like 4 or 5 hours in my area this week, we've been averaging like 13 hours a day in the offices. Kind of crazy. I didn't realize how busy we'd be in here. Especially with the new president coming. Haha but don't worry, I've found time and ways to follow the world cup though. Its kind of impossible here to not follow it... although I'm not trying particularly hard to avoid it either.. Haha I cant believe the US qualified, thats way awesome. Haha and I think Messi has scored every goal for Argentina so far. The streets here are pretty fun right after every Argentina game. Oh, and I got in a car accident yesterday! Haha its all fine. This guy t-boned us at an intersection, but he hit us right in the rear tire, you cant even tell our truck got hit. Dont worry, no problems. But hey, I need that international drivers license!

   So verse of the week is something the mission president shared with us a while back. 1Corinthians 9:24-27. It talks about those who run in a race, run to win. Those that compete, compete to win. And then he urges us to live in such a way that we can "win". But the "race" of life isn't against our neighbors or those around us. Its against our own temptations, our own weaknesses, and our own problems. Doing well in a race doesn't just depend on how you cross the finish line. The finish line is the smallest part of the race. So much goes into what happens between the starting line and the finish line, and a lot of preparation comes in before all of that. The same with life (or a mission, Jordan!) Haha I haven't actually read those verses in english, but I assume its more or less the same.

   Well I hope you all have a great week! You'll have to give me your mission email Jordan, so we can keep up. I can't believe you're going to the MTC next week! Thats way exciting!

Un abrazo,

Elder Webster

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