Monday, March 3, 2014

Talent Show and Parable of the Talents


Wow! You guys had a lot this week. Congrats with the baptism! Thats way cool, I hope everything went well! And thats awesome that you got to watch the Gilbert temple dedication! Honestly, I don't really remember the Gila Valley dedication. But I watched the Brigham City dedication while I was at BYU and that was way cool. Haha I actually watched it 3 times because they did it repeatedly so everyone that wanted to see it could see it...I'm not actually sure if I was allowed to watch it all 3 times with my ticket but umm...No one stopped me so...I did. Oh and the picture with Jaxon and the buggy was pretty awesome (thanks for sending that Jaxon), I can't wait to go out with that thing someday. Haha looks like you had a lot of fun! And Fischer going to That'll be way cool. Haha I can't even imagine what it would be like serving over there. And I'm glad to hear Jordan has almost finished his papers!!! Haha my companion thinks Jordan will go to Japan. We'll have to see :)

So this week was pretty good. Got bit by another dog...well, technically it was the same dog. It belongs to one of our investigators and I'm starting to think getting bit by him might just turn into a normal thing while we wait for her to answer the door... he didn't rip my pants this time, but that was like 4 days ago and I still have the mark on my leg from his teeth so...thats great.

But in another, more important news, the missionary work is going well. We're struggling to find new people to teach, but the people we do know are going well. The girl with the dog has a baptismal date and is going to participate in the talent show/dance that we're going to have in the new chapel. Another person we're teaching, the sister of JuanP, somehow ended up in charge of the choreography of something the youth in the ward are going to do, which is awesome since she's not a member, and we're hoping that will help her a lot. Also, Mariné (the girl that got baptized a couple weeks ago) and Josía (her older brother that baptized her) both told us they want to serve missions now. Josía is working on his papers, but Mariné has to wait a few years, but its way cool. Mariné is also going to be in the talent show. So yeah. Like I said, everyone we're working with is going really well, we just need to find more people. Oh, and we want to start teaching this lady named Juanna. She's 94, comes to church every week, recently became blind, isn't a member and...doesn't speak spanish. She only speaks Quechua, which is apparently like the indigenous language in Bolivia and Peru and...something like that. We know a few people that can translate for us, but we really want to try to learn Quechua. We've learned a couple phrases but... we've got a long way to go.

So yeah. Awesome stuff. Verse of the more than 1 verse. Matthew 24:14-30. Its the Parable of the Talents. I love it, probably my favorite parable...or one of my favorites. There is so much stuff in there, and kind of reminds me of D&C 58:27 and a few other scriptures/things that I like.

Haha I feel like I probably forgot to include something always, I'll probably remember what it was as soon as I leave the computer place. But I hope you guys have a great week and keep being super awesome!

Que Dios les bendiga

Elder Webster