Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapel Excitement

Thanks for all the pictures! And that video you guys made was hilarious! I hope you had a fun time in California! Everythings going pretty well down here in the ol' Argentina.

This was a pretty cool week. Haha I feel like I tell you guys that every week but, its true so, I guess you'll have to forgive me for repeating it all the time. Probably the main cool thing was an activity we had on saturday with the ward. We met up to go invite less actives to the new chapel (which should be done next week). The activity wasn't super well planned and not a ton of people showed up, but it ended up turning out great. We all split up and everyone went to go invite their less active friends, and the members enjoyed doing it so much that they started stopping people in the streets and in the bus stops so that they could invite them to the talent night, the open house, and all the things we'll be having in the new chapel. By the time we all regrouped to see how it went, the members were way excited, asking for more invitations, and they planned to do the activity again on tuesday and on wednesday this week! So that was really fun. The new chapel is definitely having a huge effect on the members, who have been having their sunday meetings in a little house for like 20 years. My companion and I are super grateful to be able to serving here during this time! We also got to see some good progress with some of our investigators and we're hoping to have a few baptisms in a couple weeks.

So, the verse of the week is based on something I was thinking about yesterday. Its in John 5:1-9, the story of the miracle at the Pool of Bethesda. There was a talk in the last general conference about that miracle and I had studied it a little bit, but the thing I was thinking about yesterday was about how Jesus really went looking for people to help. Many of the miracles He did were when people came to Him for help, but I was trying to imagine the Pool of Bethesda. A spring, apparently surrounded by lots of sick people. It doesn't exactly seem like the place Jesus would go if He was hoping to "see the sights" or have a relaxing afternoon. He put Himself in a situation where there would be people that wanted His help. It just kind of reminded me of the stuff we do in the church, and how its easy (more or less) to help someone or do something when you're asked to do it, but its a totally different thing to go seek out those in need.

And, yeah. But I hope you guys are having a great week, and that you're next week will be even better! I'll send you some pics if I can!


Elder Webster

New chapel

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