Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dogs Hate Me

Glad to hear from you guys! Oh and tell the Kartchner's thanks, I got their family christmas letter thing this past week, that was pretty cool. But yeah, it sounds like going to the lacrosse game was pretty cool, I'd like to see that someday! And of course that jeep is the coolest car on campus! How could it not be? And I'm glad Jaxon's team was doing so well!  And Hailey! With the permit test! Thats crazy. Dad, I'm sorry to hear you've had to work so much lately, thats a crazy number of hours. Haha Gma and Gpa Webster sent me an email and they mentioned that hard-working gene that you guys all have, it was kind of funny to read that and then right afterward read about how much you've been working.

So guess what happened this week!?! Again!?! Yup, I got attacked by a dog. Ripped my pants again. Nothing too bad, its all good. I'm pretty sure the dogs just hate me here. My companion and I were literally both just standing there waiting for someone to open their door when this dog walks right past my companion so that he can tear my pants. So, that was fun. Also, the new chapel got postponed. It was supposed to be ready for next weekend but now they're saying it won't be done until the end of this month. Not too big of a problem, I guess thats just more time for all the members to get ready for the talent show.

We had a couple of really cool lessons this week two. One was with the sister of JuanP, named Patricia. She goes to a different church but we're pretty good friends with here since we eat at her house twice a week. We got her to start reading the book of mormon and before this lesson she had stopped at 1 Nephi 13:18. We ended up just reading the rest of the chapter with her and she loved it. We spent like an hour and a half analyzing all the prophecies there, and by the end she told us like she finally understood what the book of mormon was, why we always asked her to read it, and why it was important. She says that she "thinks its true" but isn't sure enough to say that she "believes its true". But she's was sincere and we are super happy and excited for her. Another interesting lesson we had was with Josía and Cristobal. They're both members and Josía is preparing for a mission. He was asking a lot of questions about missions when their neighbor (technically they all live in the middle of a vineyard, but I guess he's their neighbor) just walks into their house and starts drilling my companion and I with questions. Well, actually it was like the same 2 questions over and over because he didn't like our answers. By the end it was all good, and Cristobal assures us their neighbor is nicer when he's not drunk and I think we might be teaching him again. But the main cool part was that after the lesson Josía and Cristobal went and waited for the bus with us and they told us how impressed they were with how we had handled the situation and now Josía is even more excited to go on a mission (Josía is the one that baptized his sister Mariné).

So, cool stuff. As a verse of a week I was thinking of Alma32:28 (which made me happy that Dad told me had been studying faith this past week). We summarized that chapter to Patricia the other day and she basically told us she had planted her seed and was willing to see what it would become. I really like that chapter, and I remember Derek really liking it too, so I thought I'd make that the verse of the week.

Anyway, all good here. I hope you guys have a good week! I hope Dad will be able to have an easier work week and that mom will be able to find "something fascinating this week!" Good luck with school and everything! You guys are awesome!

Elder Webster

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