Sunday, March 23, 2014

With Him and His Glory


So guess what I got this week? If you guessed "a bite from a dog"... you're wrong! But I did get the christmas packages! So that was pretty exciting. :) I guess they managed to make it after all. It just took a couple extra..months.  But all good. And tell thanks to Elizabeth, Maya, Ellia, Kiplin, Eliza, and Annika for putting the notes in there! And I got some mail from Grandma Nielson so that was cool. Thanks Grandma!

 Yeah it kind of stinks that they had to postpone the chapel, but it should be done soon, so we're not too worried about it. As far as this week, its ben kind of a roller-coaster week, but the kind of roller-coaster where as soon as it ends you want to get right back in line and do it again. This week we decided to try to get better at talking to more people in the street. A long time ago the mission set as a standard that each companionship should talk to 10 people in the street everyday, which we don't always get. But this week we got more excited, and we kind of went way overboard and ran out of things to give people, so we had to ask for some extra supplies from the offices. But I think we definitely got blessed for it. We got more new investigators this week than we've gotten in quite a while, we set a baptismal date with Patricia, got to do a super spiritual church tour, and lots of other good stuff.

So, as a verse of this week I was thinking of Jacob5:72,74,75. Haha we actually had a really interesting lesson this week where we sat down with Patricia and Carolina (Carolina is the girlfriend of Patricia´s older brother, and it was he first lesson with us) and we read all of Jacob 5 and basically explained it to them. It was a super crazy lesson and one I never thought we'd have to teach, but it went super well and they loved it. Anyway, those three verses talk a lot about the servants. And I think its interesting how He says that because they were "diligent in laboring with me...kept my commandments... brought unto me the natural shall have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard" I just like how really, if we want to be happy with Him in His glory, we need do His will with Him.

But yeah, good week. I hope you guys are doing awesome! Have a great week!


Elder Webster

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