Monday, February 10, 2014

We Built A House... Or Something


Haha I totally forgot that it was super bowl time! Thats kind of lame that it was a blowout, but yeah...the snacks and commercials are the best part anyway. And I got a birthday letter from the Lawrences, so thanks for that! Dad, thats way cool about your friend and how you've been inviting so many people to talk to the missionaries! I'm sure the missionaries in the ward love you guys! And Jaxon told me he's still injured but played in his game and they did awesome! Thats way cool! Congrats!!!! Haha I'm pretty sure the celestial kingdom has a soccer team...

So this was a fairly fun week. We got to go and help build part of a house again (haha to be honest I'm not entirely sure exactly what we were companion and I don't speak "construction worker spanish"...but I think its meant to be some sort of support wall thing.). Also, during the service project the next door neighbor, a less active member, came and asked my companion and I to give a blessing to her sick kid, so we went and did that and then went back to work, and then she came out like 20 minutes later to tell us her kid wasn't sick anymore, so that was pretty cool. We also put a few baptismal dates, so if all goes well we should have one this week and one next week. We'll see how that goes! Haha we also had a zone meeting this week, and one of our zone leaders is chinese, which is interesting. He has a hard time with spanish because apparently there aren't very many people or books that know how to teach spanish to someone that only knows that kind of made me feel like I've had it easy. We also got several references from the ward, but our area is so big and we've been focusing so much on the people about to get baptized that we haven't manaeged to contact all the references we got, so we might be doing that this week too. So, they're definitely keeping us busy! Oh, and the youth in this ward kind of amaze me. They all got up yesterday to share their testimonies and experiences from a camp they had this weekend. Hearing their testimonies, you'd never guess that half of them have less active parents and more than one of them have a dad thats leaving the family. I've never heard a single complaint from the youth in this ward, even though I feel like everyone one of them has had a harder life than me. All I ever hear from them are laughs, jokes, and testimonies.

As a verse of the week, I really like Luke 21:19 "in your patience possess ye your souls"...its cooler in spanish. In spanish it says "con vuestra paciencia ganaréis vuestras almas" which would basically translate as "with your patience you will win/earn your souls" (google translate says differently but....yeah). I also like the footnote for the word "possess" that says "win mastery over". I don't know, it kind of blew my mind but...I'm not really sure why. Its just cool.

Anyway, things are going good here, lots of fun and lots of good stuff happening. Haha our area is too big and we can't do everything we want but, whatever. I hope you guys have an awesome week and keep being amazing!!


Elder Webster

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