Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rodeo del Medio

That's way cool that Dad's friends came to church!! Haha I bet the missionaries are pretty excited about that too! We struggly enough just trying to get members to give us references, having members do it all by themselves would be amazing!! And thanks for the 2 emails Dad, I wrote down some of the references and want to do more studying about that. I also made my mormon.org profile (one in english, one in spanish) but I think its still in the process of getting approved, so you'll have to watch out for it I guess. And Mom, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your classes! I expect to return home and see some amazing fantastic fancy jewelry stuff. And...Dad..selling the quads.... :( Oh and thanks to you guys, the Lawrences, and the Fergusons for the Christmas cards I got this week!

So yeah, my new area Rodeo del Medio is pretty cool. Its a pretty big area and everyone we know is super spread out so its kind of hard to get to everyone very efficiently. Haha and no, we definitely don't have a car, we're still on foot...and bus. The church here is a ward and they're in the process of building the chapel, which I've heard should be finished in the end of February, so I should be here to see it finished. Right now, the ward meets in a house that the church bought. It was kind of interesting having sacrament there, because the pulpit is in the living room and everyone sits in all the different rooms in the house to listen, so I couldn't see the speaker the whole time, which was weird. But the ward is super strong. We had a service project saturday to go help build a "house" for a recent convert and her family (non members). This is also one of the few wards here that actually does ward council and and has a council where all the members are fairly active, which should be cool. Also, our pench is pretty nice. Our fan doesn't work and we have a pretty bad problem with mosquitos when we forget to spray at night (haha I have like 50 bites from the first 2 nights before we got the spray). But I like it, its pretty nice. Also, guess what? This is the area where Elder Wengert started his mission! So its kind of cool talking to people that knew him.

I'm still trying to learn whats going on here, so I don't really know what to tell you as far as the people we're teaching or anything like that. But I have learned that there are a lot of Bolivians that live in our area...so thats, cool I guess.

As a verse of the week I was thinking of D+C 93:36. Its short and simple, but I was thinking about the importance that God places on learning and knowledge and I just thought it was interesting how much an all-knowing being cares about us learning things. Just kind of interesting.

Oh and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! Hope you have a sick birthday!

Hope you all have a great week and that you keep being awesome!


Elder Webster

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