Monday, February 10, 2014

I Smell Change In The Air

Haha you guys had a lot of cool stuff this week! Thats way cool about that youth conference, it sounds like you guys had an amazing time!!!! There isn't a temple in our mission so I'm excited to go to one again when I get back. Haha and I like that buggy you guys bought, and the spanish name is pretty sweet too :) And that Saratov Approach movie sounds interesting, I'd like to see it someday. And no, I still don't have the packages, but we have interviews with president this week and we may or not be getting idea. So I can probably tell you whats up about that next week. Sorry! And Dad, thats way exciting about your friend! Hopefully all goes well!

This week way pretty good. We've been focusing a lot on the progressing investigators that we're teaching, and I really want to change how we're working so that we can start finding more people, because we visit our investigators so often and they live so far away that we haven't been doing very much actual finding of new people...which needs to change. But its going pretty well. And we should have a chapel finished in March, so everyone's really excited about that. And last saturday ,the daughter of a less active family we've been teaching got baptized! Her name is Sol. Her uncle got to baptize her which way cool, especially since he's thinking about going on a mission. I don't really have a camera so I'll try to steal some photos from my companion to send to you. There should also be a baptism this upcoming saturday, the sister of a recent convert. Her name is Mariné (we're not quite sure how she spells her name). She's way cool. I'm pretty sure her brother is going to baptize her, which is super exciting!

As a verse of the week, I was thinking of 2 Corinthians7:10. As missionaries, I feel like we almost spend more time listening to peoples problems than actually teaching people, and its showed me how many problems and how much sorrow there really is, and how some people use that sorrow to help them become closer to God, while other people use it as an excuse to distance themselves from God. It was actually a thing that happened yesterday that made me think of this. We were walking when this lady kind of chased us down and started talking to us. She explained how she saw us and decided she needed to talk to us, and then told us all about her boyfriend (for 40 years...people dont like to get married here) and how he's been beating her and doing all these bad things. She was way sad and she invited us to come over this week to teach her. It was interesting seeing how her hard life made her so open to listen to us. So, yeah.

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome week and that your wildest dreams come true! And that Jordan will hurry up and get his mission papers in! ;)


Elder Webster

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