Monday, February 17, 2014

Pure Religion

Haha I need to think of a cooler way to start my emails than just saying "Hey!" everytime. Any suggestions? And thats way cool about Dads friends! As soon as I read that I told the other missionaries here on the computers and everyone started celebrating :) And that Gilbert Temple looks amazing!!!! There aren't any temples in this mission and I'm super excited to get to go to one again. And good luck Dad in Mexico! Haha that'll be fun. And thats a pretty cool stereo in the buggy. Nice.

So this was kind of a weird week. I feel like we didn't accomplish a ton because we spent most of the week trying to prepare everything for the baptism of Mariné Copa, but then we had this crazy freak storm and it got cancelled, since our baptismal font is outside and because everything flooded and no one could make it. Haha normally for the sunday meetings there are like 80 people there, but this week there was only 25 because of the rain. Rain is especially bad when you live somewhere where half the roads are just made out of dirt, and even the paved roads don't really have actual sidewalks. I'll send you some pictures of that and some other stuff.

As a verse of the week I thought of James 1:27, which talks about "pure religion" and how it involves helping those in need and some other things. I thought of it because of what happened yesterday. On sunday, a lot of the members were calling everyone that didn't come to church to make sure they were okay. No one announced the service project, but somehow everyone found out that there was a family that needed help, and everyone went to their house right after church. Their whole yard was flooded, and the inside of their house was flooded and full of water and mud. We got there and everyone started to help bring everything outside to a dry spot and then we all went to work getting all the water and mud out. It was the coolest sight ever, seeing everyone there in their shirts and ties, their skirts and dresses, everyone's sleeves rolled up, helping to get all of the mud out of the house. When we got there the single mom was their crying and it was amazing to see how much the simple act of service really was able to help her, her family, and the ward as a whole. Way cool experience.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing great!! Dad, tell your friends I'm happy for them. I hope you guys have a more exciting and fun week than this past week, oh, and happy valentines day!! Keep being awesome!


√Člder Webster

Sol Jofre's baptism

Baptismal Font

Rainy day.... And a restoration pamphlet!

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