Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"I'm Not An Indian" or "Crazy Dog"


Sounds like you guys had a fun new years eve! Well, actually it sounded kind of boring but...umm... well...here´s to a new year! Hopefully it'll be a good one! Hailey said school's starting back up, so good luck with that. And make sure Jordan keeps working during his last semester, ya noob :) Thats cool that the bishop called the ward council as ward missionaries! You guys have lots to do! Hopefully you'll get to see some miracles from that! For some reason, it seems like every ward I've served in the ward mission leader was either less active or a recent convert, and I've only had one ward that had any ward missionaries...so...yeah.

So this week was pretty good. Haha to be honest I forgot new year's was this week until I read your emails..it seems so long ago for some reason. We spent new years eve with the ward mission leader of another ward, along with 4 other missionaries, and we had an asado and a bunch of sandwiches. We were allowed to stay out late but we had to be back in the pench by 11:45 because its dangerous outside after that, especially with all the fireworks and crazy people. So yeah, cool stuff.

The investigator I told you about last week, Martin, is still going strong. He came to church yesterday and told me to tell you guys hi and that he's not an indian...he seems very worried that we might think he's an indian for some reason. Not really sure why, but it comes up during every lesson. He's super excited about the gospel though and is inviting everyone to talk to us and to come to his baptism. Haha yesterday we went over to teach the law of chastity and the word of wisdom. We had just started the law of chastity but he said he didn't have any problem with that, but that he did have a problem with alcohol and wanted to stop...so that was helpful, we were kind of worried about that, since the only thing our area book says about him is that he's an alcoholic.

Oh, fun story. My comp saved my life on Saturday. Okay, maybe I wasn't going to die, but he did save me from a crazy dog that tried to attack me. We were working in a dangerous part of our zone and some kids were throwing rocks at a dog that lived at the house next to the house we were going to visit. The dog was going crazy and the kids left when we got there. The people we wanted to visit weren't home and as we went to leave my comp decided to grab a rock just in case. We started walking away and the dog got out and started chasing me, up until my comp threw the rock at it and started yelling at it in spanish. The dog ran away and we looked up and there were like 20 people down the street just kind of staring at us, so we just went and walked pass them like nothing happened. Haha fun stuff.

So yeah, umm...verse of the week. I was thinking the other day about Article of Faith number 1. Well, really I was thinking of all the articles of faith. I've been studying them and kind of breaking them apart. I remember in primary trying to memorize all of them and never really thinking about them, but now reading them, its amazing how simple and true they are...and its also amazing how many people don't believe them. I was also thinking about how it was interesting what things Joseph Smith included in them, and which things he didn't. Cool stuff, and Elder L. Tom Perry's talkabout the articles of faith in the last conference was cool too.
So yeah, I hope you guys are having an awesome new year and that you will keep it up! Hopefully Dad's talk this week will be awesome (and thats cool that Gurvine is serving in the Eugene Oregon mission, I know a lot of people that used to serve there before it got split and they become salem oregon missionaries). Have a great week!!!!!


Elder Webster

These are 2 pics I took from the roof of our pench. The Mission President made a rule specifically saying that we couldn't go on the roof on Christmas Eve night or New Years Eve because the fireworks were dangerous and sometimes people shoot guns in the air to celebrate...but that made us realize there was no rule saying that we couldn't go up there any other day...so we had to try it...

There's a picture of the end of year dinner the ward had, of a bus stop, and of one of the nicer soccer fields in my area

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