Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Well mom, I'm glad you didn't kill half the youth in the ward! That's always good news. And Dad, I'm glad you finally got to give your talk. Sounds like you guys have had a...well, actually it sounded like kind of a boring week :)

Haha Martin will be glad you don't think he's an indian...but yeah I have no idea why he said that. The bad news is.... I don't know how to tell him that. He passed his baptismal interview on thursday, but...his son came to see him friday night and then apparently the 2 of them left town together and nobody knows where they went or when they're coming back, if they're coming back. So, baptism didn't end up happening. So...that was slightly disappointing. But my companion and I feel like we've learned a ton from our 2 weeks with Martin. We were kind of upset when we heard he left but we've sort of been studying what happened and now its all good.

Also, we got transfer calls last night and I'm getting transferred. I'm going to an area called Rodeo del Medio (I think thats what is called...honestly I don't totally remember) in a zone called Maipu (haha... I still kind of laugh a little every time I hear the name of that zone). From what my companion tells me, that area is basically the middle of nowhere, but he's not positive, so we'll see about that. He's also met my future companion (Elder Kaman...I think thats how its spelled) and he says he's pretty cool and is from Wisconsin. So thats pretty exciting. I have kind of mixed feelings about having to leave Drummond, but at the same time I'm excited to go to a new area.

As a verse of the week, I was thinking of Helaman 10:4-5(kind of 1-12). In verse 1, Nefi finished preaching to the people and leaves to go home, but on his way got this revelation. In it, the Lord told him that he was blessed because of how diligently he had worked, and that because of his unwearyingness he would be blessed for ever, and then received some really awesome promises. All because he worked diligently. But he worked hard not just for the blessings, because right after that revelation, he turns around (verse 12) and walks right back to the people to start preaching again. That was AFTER the blessings. He wasn't working for the blessings, he was just doing it to be obedient to the Lord and to help his brethren. I don't know, I just thought it was a cool lesson about diligence.

So yeah, all good here. Hopefully you guys have a great week, and hopefully I'll have good news about my new area! You guys are awesome and I love getting emails from you.


√Člder Webster

go to lds.org and to the maps. If you search barrio rodeo del medio mendoza it will you show you my new area. Its not too far from the main city but.....its just a bunch of fields...

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