Sunday, January 5, 2014

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!! Sounds like you guys are having fun preparing for Christmas! Haha thats way cool that the missionaries will be over on Friday, and that their playing soccer with the ym. We've thought about trying to start something like that but...there are only 2 ym in the ward and for some reason it seems like our pdays lately have been just as hectic as every other day. Oh well, maybe one day. Say merry christmas to the missionaries for me!

So this was a pretty cool week. Last Tuesday was the mission christmas party. (well, half the mission tuesday, half on wednesday). I ended up playing soccer for like 4 hours with the latinos and then we had an awesome lunch together. Super fun!! This week we didn't get to work a ton in our area because we were part of a choir and we had like 2 hours of practice every day, and the place we practice is like an hour long bus ride from where we live. But with the choir, we got to sing in 2 different public plazas in the middle of the city, once on friday night and the other on sunday night, so that was pretty cool. I never really imagined myself singing in a choir in Argentina I am. Haha I feel like at least 3 times a day the thought "what the heck am I doing in Argentina?" pops into my head. Not because I don't want to be hear, just because its crazy that I'm here.

Despite not having a ton of time to work, we still got to have some cool experiences. We managed to set a baptismal date with Aldana, who we havent actually taught in a few weeks. I guess she just needed some time, so hopefully that works out. We've also been getting a lot better at trying to talk to everyone, and we've seen some cool stuff from that. We said hi to a woman and started talking to her, and literally within 15 seconds she was in tears and we were bearing testimony trying to help her. Its crazy how people sometimes will just tell missionaries anything.

Oh, I also ate the weirdest food of my mission so far this week. We were walking down the street and some guys we've met before had a campfire looking thing going on the sidewalk and were doing an asado (basically bbq). They were cooking intestines of a cow and what looked like sausage. They stopped us and said we had to try some (they didn't offer us the intestines, they didn't want to share that), but they told me what the sausage looking things were called and gave me some with some bread. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but I just hoped I was wrong and ate it...turns out I was more or less right about what it was. When we walked away my companion explained that it was sausage made out of intestines and a lot of clotted blood....yum. Better than you'd think though... Kind of.

Anyway, so I was thinking about the verse of the week. 3Nephi 27:27. We had exchanges this week and I went with Elder Gomez, the colombian we live with and while we were out he shared that with me but told me to change the word men for the word missionary. I liked it. I thought about sending you guys a more christmas-y scripture but...I liked that one, and I figured it was Christ saying it, so thats got to count for something! Also, Dad asked if I had any ideas about the topic "let your light shine". Umm.... hmmm.... yeah, I have some ideas. But...I don't know which of them would be good to talk about. One thing I've definitely noticed as a missionary, is that even though we have the name tags and we do it all day, the members have the potential to be way better missionaries than the actual full time missionaries. The members have a much bigger teaching pool than the missionaries do. Members have friends and family in the area. They have co-workers and classmates. The missionaries don't have that. Everytime we meet someone new we write them down as a potential investigator. If all the members could start doing that, seeing their friends and family as potential investigators, we'd see a lot more miracles and a lot more people would come unto Christ. Haha that would be awesome! But umm.. yeah. I don't know.

Hope you guys have an awesome  and espeicially merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Webster

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