Thursday, July 10, 2014

Out With The Old, and In With The New

Its weird having to add the other Elder Webster's email to this list now. I can't believe it. Well happy 4th of July! We definitely celebrated it here. We ordered some food, got out a US flag and sang the national anthem a few times. Haha we made the Colombian we live with film it all for us:) And the 9th of July is the independence day here, so I guess we'll be celebrating that next week too!

We've had a pretty good week. Pretty interesting. Our old President and his wife, the √Āvilas, left this week, and we're working with Presidente and Hermana Goates now. I guess it is a pretty cool time to get to be in the offices. Not many missionaries get to have a lunch with 2 of their mission presidents at the same time. The Goates seem way nice and excited to be here. They're pretty humble and want to learn everything about everything as soon as possible. I'm excited to get to know them better.

Other than that, everything is going pretty good. Still trying to get used to be in the offices. Lots of pros and cons. And its a lot different from being in my last area, middle of nowhere. But its good. All the Elders in here are pretty cool, and they've all either been here forever or they're going to be here forever, so its kind of an interesting dynamic. Okay, not forever, but knowing you'll be in an area for like 6 months feels a little like forever.

So verse of the week, 3 Nephi 28:4-9. I read that week and I liked it a lot. To think that those 3 men wanted to be able to serve others so much, that they wanted to be able to do it forever. Sometimes it seems hard to go serve for 2 years, but to think that we should be able to love helping others so much that the service we should want to give can't all be done in one lifetime. Kinda makes you think about whether or not its even a sacrifice to go serve for just 2 years.

Well, thats about it. Haha I feel like I do the same thing every day in the offices, so I don't really know what else to tell you, but I hope you have a great week!

Elder Webster

My desk

This is where we were at this morning doing some shopping (I decided to finally buy a souvenir or two)

And some pics of my last night in Rodeo del Medio with the familia Gutierrez

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