Thursday, July 31, 2014

He's a Llama!

Hey Everyone!
It sounds like everyone has been up to some crazy stuff lately! Haha I can't wait to see that car you guys bought! The picture looked pretty cool.

This week was pretty good over here in the A-R-G. Haha I can't believe its only been 1 week since the world cup ended. People here were pretty upset, but we weren't allowed to leave our apartment that day, so I didn't see anything too crazy, and I haven't really heard any stories, so it sounds like everything turned out all right. It would have been way cool if we won though!

Haha other than that, its been a pretty good week in the office. Haha every day is so similar that the time flies by really fast. I can't believe I got to the office like a month ago. And I actually like the office for a lot reasons. Its just such a big change. But I guess someone has to do it. Speaking of the office, I have some news---We had "special transfers" this week. My companion Elder Evans got transferred out of the office this week! Crazy. I was expecting to be with him for 4 more weeks, but it turns out I won't be getting as much training in the office as I thought. So that officially makes me the one and only financial secretary for the mission. haha I hope I know what I'm doing! I'm now in a trio with Elder Smith (from Arkansas) and Elder Chamorro (from Columbia). They're pretty fun. Elder Chamorro is the "pensionista" and is in charge of the maintenance and contracting of all the apartments in the mission, and Elder Smith is the mission´s "historian". Haha frankly I'm not really sure what it is he does all day... but...I'm sure its important. I'm still in the same ward/area as before, since I was already sharing the ward and area with them before. Oh, mom, you asked about the ward. We have a chapel. In fact its the first chapel I've ever been in here that has actual pews, so thats cool. Only like 60 people come, so my last ward was actually bigger. I think the sister missionaries that we share the ward with have lunch with members every day but...we never do. It doesn't really work with the schedule of the offices, so we either have to go buy food or cook food every day. Which kind of stinks. Haha although getting to choose what I eat is kind of a fun change:)

Today for pday we went on a hike to a place called Cerro Arco. It was a lot longer and harder than we expected, partially because somehow Elder Chamorro convinced us all to take "the fun way" up the mountain. It was pretty fun though. Haha we even saw a llama! I'll try to send some pics.

So, scripture of the week. This week I read something in Acts 10:1-6 that caught my attention. I shared a thought similar to this a while back but...hey, this is a different deal with it. Haha anyway, in this part, a man has a vision where an angel comes, and tells him that there is a man that will will tell him what to do. I thought that part at the end of verse 6 was interesting. Literally, God sent an angel to go talk to this man, but instead of having the angel just tell the man what to do, the angel told him where he could find someone else (Peter) that would tell him what to do. I thought this was interesting for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons was that Peter actually ended up learning a lot from the experience, which he wouldn't have learned if God had just done everything. I think its amazing that God always seems to have a way of "killing 2 birds with one stone." God's messengers always end up learning just as much or more as the person to whom He is sending the message, which I think is part of the reason why an all powerful being would bother using messengers in the first place. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! Sounds like a lot of exciting stuff is happening! I hope it all goes well!

Elder Webster

The llama we found on our hike up the mountain, some pics from the mountain and...yeah

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