Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Of Good Cheer


Sounds like you've been keeping busy! Yeah Dad, its weird thinking of all the moving you do and the people you meet on the mission. Its hard to believe I've only been doing this since June, even though I still have no idea what I'm doing:) And I know you'll be great in your new calling! And thats too bad the Duves are moving, they're moving to Portland? Tell them the temple there is way cool. And good luck on the vacation!

So this week has been pretty good. Yeah, I'm still with Elder Jones in Mayor Drummon. Transfers are next week (every 6 weeks, except that I got here during the 2nd week of this transfer). So I should know if I'm staying and what-not next week in my letter. And I'm super sorry, I keep saying I'm going to send pics but I don't know if I can this week. I'M SUPER SORRY! We're at a different computer place than normal and I'm pretty sure these computers are like 20 years old, and we can't get them to work right. I'll keep trying after I finish this email to see if I can get it to work. Sorry! I haven't been very good about sending pics, I know...

So this week hasn't been super eventful. We've had some times this week where we just honestly didn't know what to do or who to visit. Aldana isn't progressing so much as an investigator, and our other main investigators have been out of town for a few days now, and we've sort of been struggling to get into houses. Still a good week though. We've been practicing as a choir because the missionaries in our zone are going to be singing in stake conference this weekend. The mission president´s wife is helping and keeps telling everyone to listen to me because I apparently have "perfect tone"...not sure I believe her, but I guess russian choir was good for something! So thats fun.

Dad asked a ton of questions in his email, so I'll try to answer them. As far as american restaurants, I've heard there is a burger king and a mcdonalds somewhere, but there isn't anything like that in our area, and people don't really go there very often. I've heard one burger there is like $10 (US) and that its where the rich people eat. Yeah we don't have thanksgiving, although there's a family in our ward from the US, so we were planning on doing something with them, except the husband left town and won't be back in time, so I don't think we'll be able to do it. But the wife brings food to our pench each week, and its always american food, so Im not missing the US too much in that sense. But yeah they have some of their own holidays, for like everything. I think today is actually a holiday... but I have no idea what it is. Apparently a few years ago the government made sure there were patriotic type holidays every month so that they'd get more days off work (haha at least thats what a member of our ward told us yesterday, probably not true). And yeah, honestly I think just money in the account would be the easiest/best. As far as the pants go, sorry, pants confuse me. I was trying to see what size my slacks are and I can't understand what its trying to tell me... but my jeans are about 32x32. I don't know if that translates over to slacks or...what. And yeah we get to play soccer on pday when we want to try to get other missionaries together. I've only done it once so far because we always end up having other stuff planned on pday and it takes a lot of time to go to where we normally meet up to play. But don't worry about sending any soccer stuff. (That was kind of a weird random paragraph... hopefully you can follow that)

As a verse of the week I was thinking of John 16:33. I like how it says to be of good cheer and that you can be that way because He overcame the world. Really, we all get worried about all these daily problems but sometimes we should just slow down and be happy, because we have a Savior, and thats what is most important. We just need to focus on that and keep our actions focused on that, and we can find that cheer.

I feel like this was a really long email and I didn't really say anything that we are at the end of the email.

Hope you have a great week and that all is well!
Les quiero,

Elder Webster

don't worry, our room is usually more clean than that

something I found in our pench
Elder Summers? Elder HAYDEN Summers??

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