Monday, November 11, 2013

Working, Praying, and Having Fun


They split the ward? Hopefully it goes well, and I know you guys will do great in your callings there! Good luck with that! Thanks Hailey for the email! And thanks for the pics Dad! And I'm glad that Elder Rand is alright!

So to answer your questions... No I don't have a car. We walk or take the public buses everywhere. Pretty sweet. I'm serving in a ward-but there are only like 40 active people come each week, which makes it basically smaller than some of the branches in Oregon. We still get fed pretty much every day by the members, but not dinner. They feed us lunch during the beginning of the Siesta. Most missionaries here don't really eat much of a dinner, because most people in Argentina don't eat dinner until like 9 or 10 when we have to be back in our pench (apartment), so lunch is sort of the main meal of the day here culturally. And it generally includes a bunch of chicken/pasta/bread. And then breakfast I've been drinking a glass of yogurt ( read that right...their yogurt is weird), and then some juice, fruit...good stuff.

As far as "unique encounters"...yeah. Not necessarily things that seem crazy here to the missionaries, but things that are very different from the states. Things like seeing tons of dogs (dead and alive) out in the streets and sidewalks, my companion waking up with a cockroach in his hair the other day, people smoking marijuana in the streets, the shop half a block from our pench got robbed at gun point 2 days ago for the 7th time this year, someone breast feeding during one of our lessons, a girl we're teaching telling us about a knife fight she was in last year at school...umm.... So yeah, nothing to out of the ordinary :)

I'm not going to lie, the work is a bit slow right now. I live with the zone leaders and my companion is the district leader, and they told me that last month we had less baptisms as a mission than we have in their whole missions, and a lot of the missionaries here have seemed kind of down about the work lately because of things like that. But my companion and I are determined to work hard and obediently to change things around in our area. Right now we have two baptismal dates set. One with a girl named Milagros and another with a girl named Laura. I don't know if I've told you about them. Milagros is 9, her grandma was baptized recently, and shes basically ready just needs permission from her mom. Laura we met this week. Her husband is a less active and when we found her and shared the first lesson, she told us she believed us because of something she had seen on tv just a couple days before and that us coming was like a sign. No idea what she saw but...whatever works! The girl that I said told us about a knife fight is super close to baptism too... we think. Oh, and I'm emailing this guy I sat next to on the plane ride down to Argentina. I talked to him for a while on the way down, and we exchanged emails because he wanted to hear about my mission. He lives in....Georgia I think. I can't remember, but he's pretty cool.

Oh and you asked about my pench. I've been told its one of the better ones in the mission. We live right above a blood donation place, and...well I'll just send you some pics of it next week. Easier than trying to describe it.

So yeah, its going good. Working, praying, having fun. As always I feel like there is more to say that I'm forgetting. Oh, I gave a talk in church yesterday. We got there and someone in the bishopric came up and asked my companion and I if we could both give a five minute talk that day. So that was fun. Improv spanish talks are always the best.

Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome week! Oh, verse of the week. 1 Kings 17:9-16. A member read that to us and then told us thats why he loves to feed us. Verses 17-23 were good too.

Well have a great week!
¡Les amo!

√Člder Webster

money and something I saw walking to the computer shop

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  1. Open breast feeding during a lesson? Yup, sounds like a 3rd-world experience!