Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen...

Hey guys!

Yeah sounds like you had a pretty typical Halloween. You guys have all been pretty busy it sounds like. Hope lifes going well! And way exciting about the Lawrences baby! And glad to hear you guys got the pics from Hermana Hunt.

So you guys all asked me about Halloween, so I guess I´ll answer that first. Halloween isn´t very popular here and most people don´t do much for it. We saw maybe like 10 people out knocking doors for candy, but nothing like the US. Although their was a family in our ward that decided to throw a Halloween party for all the young men, young women, and their friends, and they invited us so we could meet their friends. It didn´t start until like 8pm so we had to leave pretty soon, but it seemed cool. My companion took some pictures, so I´ll have to steal his camera and send you some pics. Apparently that family loves going all out on everything. Oh, and we had lunch with them yesterday and I had my first Asado (basically argentina bbq). Way good. I like the food here for the most part. I´ve heard stories from some of the other missionaries about crazy stuff they´ve eaten, but its all been normal so far. They love their meat and pasta. And lots of it.

You also asked what the city is like...I think. It could definitely be worse. Could definitely be better. They´re in a big economic decline and it shows. Haha and they love american music so its weird walking down a street seeing spanish everywhere but hearing familiar music from some of the stores and cars. Even though they don´t generally know what the songs are about. All the movies are US too. Haha talked to a member about Captain America. But of course, everyone´s biggest source of entertainment is soccer. You can´t go anywhere without seeing soccer jerseys or team inisignias graffitied (is that a word?) on walls.

As far as people we´re working with. There´s this girl that went to church the past 2 weeks and went to see a baptism with us on saturday. She likes it all, but she says she doesnt feel anything and is hesitant about being baptized. But she goes to catholic school and has decided to not go through with the church stuff all her friends are doing, so thats cool. Haha my companion told me that they found her last transfer when her and her friends started laughing and making fun of the missionaries in the street one day. So not really sure how she turned into an investigator, but...cool. We also set a baptismal date with a little girl named Milagros. Her grandma was baptized early this year and we´ve been working with the rest of the family. So hopefully that goes through and the rest of the family will join too. Other than that nothing too exciting. I dont want to sound negative, but the area is a bit dead, so we´ve been doing a lot of work with less-actives and trying to find new people, without tons of success. Oh well, it´ll happen when its supposed to.

How about as a verse of the week, Galations 1:10-12. Kinda makes me feel justified when I have to walk into houses and tell people things that they sometimes don´t want to hear. Yup.

Oh and you asked about the spanish. I don´t know. I get told everyday by members that my spanish is surprisingly good, but I´m pretty sure they´re just trying to give me a big head. How much I understand depends a lot on who is talking and what we´re talking about, and I can generally convey eveything I want to. I don´t know how good my grammar is, but they generally understand what I mean.

Haha speaking of not totally understanding. Yesterday there was a meeting for district leaders that my companion was in, so me and someone else whose companion was in there went to go talk to people in the street. He got here the same time I did. We met this guy who either wanted us to cast a demon out of him, told us he could cast out demons, or told us that someone had cast a demon out of him. We weren´t really sure. I think it was the 3rd one. Not positive.

Anyway, everything is going good! Lifes good here and its fun. Hope everything is good, and hope thats enough information to hold you over until next week! :) ¡Espero que tengan una buena semana!
Les amo,

√Člder Webster

PS-attached 2 photos. One of the most beautiful things I´ve ever seen....like 10 little kids playing soccer with a flat ball in a dirt street...but doing tricks with the ball I couldn´t do until I was like 4-6 years older than them. The other is a "standard of liberty" we wrote up during our last district meeting. I´ll try to steal my companions camera to send some other stuff

some pics from my comp's camera. Halloween, Asado, the walk to someones house Enjoy!

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