Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Thanks for helping me get in contact with Derek and Mrs. Finch. That was awesome. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!! I hope it was awesome. I really like that picture Jordan drew. That's too bad about Jaxon losing the game, but I'm glad he had fun. Also, I may or may not be able to respond to Hailey and Jaxon's emails due to time... but thanks for emailing me! And I'm glad that life's good!

Today was transfer today, and I got transferred! Which was sort of surprising to everyone. I moved from one of the most northern areas to one of the most southern areas (I'm in Redmond now), which means I got to go on a 3-4 hour ride today, so that was...interesting. My new companion seems really cool and our area sounds interesting. Apparently we cover the entire english stake boundary (which includes like 4 or 5 tiny towns). But...we're spanish, and there aren't even enough spanish members for a branch. There are 2 active spanish families and 2 inactive ones, so it should be interesting!

About the bag, I have no idea. You could try to ask Argentina if you want. I'm sure I could just buy one down there if I need one. I wouldn't be too worried about it. I'm in a car most of the time here, so I almost never have my bag with me anyway.

Also, I was going to send you more pics today but...I dont have my camera with me, so next week. And I don't have a ton of time since today was a weird day. Mom also said to talk about how I AM doing, so I guess I could share that. I'm doing awesome. My spanish is improving. I can basically understand like 80% of what everyone says, its just the communicating back part that gets me. I can teach the lessons well enough (ish), but its hard to just have a casual conversation in spanish. Life's good though. I've been having fun and working hard. To be honest I'm kinda glad I got transferred, that was nice. Not that my old companion was bad, he was awesome. I'm just not used to spending so much time with the same person. Its nice to have a change. Anyway, I hope all goes well with the house, with school, with everything! And I'm sorry for kind of just saying a lot of nothing in this letter... Oh, verse of the week is DyC 6:34. That's the mission scripture. I can't remember if I already sent you that one or not. Oh, and Dad, thanks for the input on the iron thing, that was interesting.

Love you all!

Elder Webster

I forgot something. I also wanted to thank you for how awesome you are raising the family and me. I spend so much time here in homes where there is something missing. Sometimes when we knock on a door and someone answers, you look in and you just don't see love in their house. Its weird. I didn't know how awesome our family was

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