Monday, September 9, 2013



Yeah, I don't know why people here say "Bueno" or "buenos" to say hi..but they do. I'm slowly starting to catch on to random phrases people say that don't totally make any sense.

Anyway, I'm glad to here the house sold!!! Sorry about the stress at work Dad, but I know you can handle it. And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for emailing me! I'll try to reply if I have time, but if not, I love you guys too! That's cool that Seth had his baby, although I'm super super super disappointed its not named after me:( haha just kidding. I hope everything goes well, and I know Kollin will love the MTC.

Okay so, new info about my new area. We cover Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Prineville, and then a bunch of super super tiny towns that I'm pretty sure are essentially just trailer parks in the middle of nowhere. So we do a lot of driving. Yesterday I went to church here for the first time. There were about 15 of us, and apparently that was a pretty good turnout for our spanish group. Apparently the leader (not sure what his title is...) has the missionaries talk in our little sacrament meeting kind of often, we teach sunday school, and he wants us to start teaching elder's quorum too. So, that should be interesting.

Elder Madsen is pretty cool. He and Elder Benson were companions for a week in the MTC until Elder Benson got switched to a more advanced spanish class or something like that. But yeah, we get a long pretty well. Our apartment just opened during the last transfer so its super empty and kind of weird. All we really have are our beds, 2 desks for studying, kitchen stuff, and then 4 metal chairs like they have at church. Kinda fun.

Apparently this area is more in the desert part of Oregon, so it won't be raining as much here. Its normally around 60 degrees and a bit cloudy. Kinda nice.

You asked how much spanish I get to speak. Not much. Usually we average like 1 lesson in spanish a day, maybe 2, and other than that I don't really hear or speak any spanish. I'm definitely getting better at it though. I do almost all of my studying in spanish (finished reading the book of mormon in spanish a week or 2 ago!) and I can understand a pretty good amount of that. There's a kid in one of the english wards here that just got his call to Mexico, so he's been trying to learn spanish and likes coming with us to spanish lessons, so its cool seeing how far I've come in spanish because I remember sounding like him before.

Speaking of the english wards, we're in sort of an odd situation. We cover all of the stake boundary for our stake, but just do spanish. But we work with the english wards a bit, and have dinner with them most of the time. So it was kinda weird having american food for dinner this week. Mexican food is so much better...although I admit, I kind of missed hamburgers.

You also asked about P-Day. We study all morning, then emails, then shop, wash the car, do laundry. I end up using some of my free time to study more....cuz...studying is cool and I'm cool so it makes sense. Although I may be writing some letters today to you guys, because that seems like a cool thing to do to. And no, haven't really played much soccer yet. We talk about it a lot though.

So, verse of the week. Moses 1:12-13. Moses had just had an amazing vision, learned a ton, and was kind of humbled. Then Satan shows up, calls him a son of man, and tells him to worship him. I love Moses's response. He basically just says, "no, I'm a son of God." Pretty sweet. I think its interesting how Satan tries to pull us down by telling us we're just men, but I love Moses's logic. We're children of God. Why would we worship somebody else by doing what they want us to do? Pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope I answered enough of you questions, you had a ton and I don't remember all of them. Just know that I'm doing good, the work is good, my new area is cool and different, and Christ lives.

Have a great week!

Elder Webster

Some pics of my new apartment, the family Luisa and Fidel, Tony, Alex, and Ricky that moved to mexico from my old area. Cool keychain from the mission. Legit stuff. Oh and this week a guy we were teaching told us he probably couldn't go to church because he likes to milk his cows on his farm where he works and mix alcohol and chocolate with it to relax on sundays. So...that was interesting. Random story

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  1. Good old Elder Jace. Positive outlook makes the world a better place.