Monday, August 26, 2013

Iron = Fe = Faith


That storm sounds awesome! Haha I'm sure the missionaries were stoked about getting pizza. We eat with members every night of the week...Quite a bit of rice, beans, and chicken (we have that like 4 times a week). I like the food here, the hard thing is they give you so much. I've had several times where I thought I was going to throw up because of how much food we had and how fast we try to eat it so we have time to talk with them, so thats fun.

Dad, I have no idea where to get that candy. One of the less actives gave us some and I have no idea where he got it. Its like a mini marshmallow with a tiny bit of jam on it, and the whole thing is covered in chocolate. It sounds kinda weird, and my companion doesn't really like them, but I think they're awesome. Mom, yeah I've been hearing things about them changing the rules about backpacks? Something about it being too difficult to take off a normal backpack when you're getting least thats what I heard. I haven't been told of any official change and everyone here still uses backpacks. I could wait and try to buy one when I get to Argentina, because I don't really have extra room to take more stuff with me right now. Oh and thanks for all the pictures!

Speaking of more stuff, there's a less active that wants to get me a raincoat... Basically, everytime we go there, we just sit for like an hour and he talks about how he knows the church is true, really wants to start getting better, talks to us about work (he's a painter-he makes these really cool paintings that he sells at swap meet type things). This time he talked about his baptism, about a new house he's trying to buy, and his marriage problems. He was super thankful to have someone to just sort of vent to because I guess he was feeling sad. He's always trying to give us stuff, like extra ties. I hope he decides to not get me the raincoat though, I have no room for that.

Anyway, this week was a bit tough but good. We didn't have nearly as many lessons as we wanted. Literally every single lesson we had scheduled didn't happen this week, so that was a little annoying, but we ended up getting to do a lot of work with members and less actives, so that was good.

Dad, thanks for always bringing me to help people move. Good mission prep. I'm pretty sure I've helped at like 6 moves during the last 4 weeks I've been here. Unfortunately, our only family that is progressing super well and that seems likely to get baptized in the near future is moving:( Half of them are moving to Mexico and the other are moving just outside our area (they aren't married...which is the only reason they aren't baptized yet... although now that they won't be leaving together, I guess they could get baptized more easily). But yeah, you guys asked about our investigators. They were our closest ones, and they're leaving. We've been making good progress with several of the less active families though! For some reason they are much easier to get a hold of than our investigators.

Anyway, lifes good. I heard that the rainy season usually starts in september sometime, but I don't know how much longer I'll be here. They told us 6 weeks for the visa is kinda normal, so if thats true I could be leaving right when the rains start coming. It sounds like the monsoon season is in full swing though down there. That sounds like an awesome storm you guys had.

So, I'm thinking verse of the week is DyC 45:62. Short, simple, cool, motivating, all that good stuff. Also, I've been thinking about the vision of the tree of life, and why the rod was made of iron...? Not sure why. But I did realize that the symbol for iron is Fe, and "Fe" is the spanish word for "faith" so thats kinda cool...although I'm pretty positive that's not why the vision had a rod made out of iron, its just kinda cool.
Well, have another awesome week!!!

Elder Webster

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