Monday, September 23, 2013

It All Goes Back To Soccer....


Sounds like Jordan can't drive. Noob. Haha just kidding. Dad, sounds like you had a fun time in Alaska! I know you guys like pictures...I'm sorry I just never think to take any. I'll try to do better about that. Thanks for everything though, and I love reading your emails. Thanks for the package too! It was awesome! Oh and could you say thanks to the Fergusons for me? They sent me a nice card this week too.

So, one super cool thing that happened this week was... we set a baptismal date with Jade for 10/6! Super excited about that. We hope to get her dad to get baptized that day too (they're the Creswell family, I think I've mentioned them before). I've really seen them changing over the past couple weeks. Now when we go over they're happy and singing all the time (they're super good singers). Haha the youngest girl was singing a primary song yesterday while we were over. They're a super crazy, funny family. We're super excited for them though, and hopefully everything works out with them. They've also helped me see the importance of being a good example. They are good friends with their neighbors who were inactive for a long time and are just now starting to come back to church, so the Creswell's sometimes have a hard time seeing the importance of certain commandments when they see their neighbors breaking them... but we're super hopeful for them.

Dad you asked about money and food stuff. We get like $130 per month (I think..?) which goes towards food and whatever else we want or need to buy on P-Day. We're supposed to use personal money for other stuff...but I haven't really bought/wanted/needed other stuff like that. I can't really think of where I would need a gift card to because the smaller towns only have little family owned restaurants. But I don't think you could go wrong with McDonalds. Don't feel like you need to send it though, you guys are already doing so much.

So verse of the week, I was thinking of Ephesians 6:11-17 about the armor of God. I was specifically thinking of how faith can be like a shield and how the spirit can be like a sword. Kind of interesting.
Oh, other thing, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament in spanish, so that was cool. The bishop called us saturday night and asked if I could talk. I ended up talking about the first article of faith, and how the members of the godhead help to complete God's work and glory in Moses 1:39, and how if we want to become like Heavenly Father, we should have the same purpose/goal as Him. Talking in sacrament is weird when there are only like 15 people there. But it was cool. Only had to be like 10 minutes, so it wasn't too hard.

Also, not that I'm counting but...this past week was my 3 month mark. On the one hand its weird to think that its already been 3 months, but on the other hand its weird thinking that I've only been doing this for 3 months. Just...weird in general.

Oh, and Mom, you know how in the past you kind of asked how I was really feeling about everything and stuff like that? I thought of kind of a good way to explain it. The mission is like soccer. (Obviously, everything goes back to soccer... :) ). Its like how some days, practice is way fun and exciting, and other days its hard and tiring and I just want to go to sleep afterwards, but no matter how soccer practice was, I don't remember ever wishing I hadn't gone to it, and it never changed my opinion about whether or not I wanted to go to practice again the next day. Every day is different here, and even during the same day there are tons of ups and downs, but every day I'm glad I did what I did and I always want to go do it again the next day. So, yup.

Well, not sure what else to say... but I love you guys and hope everything is going well. I'll try to remember to take more pictures.


Elder Webster

Just remembered this. There's this guy Armando that we've been talking to. We keep inviting him to get baptized, and he keeps saying, sure, maybe next  year. We taught about how the Devil is the one that tells us to wait to do good things. This last time we saw him he said the closing prayer, and in it he said "Padre, tengo ganas a bautizarme, pero el Diablo me dice que no. Por favor ayudame." (Father, I have desires to get baptized, but the Devil tells me not to. Please help me). Not totally sure I spelled all that right and it might not be quite an exact quote, it was a few days ago.. but either way, he's giving us a lot of trouble trying to think about what to do for him. Kinda weird/funny guy.

Also, we went tracting on thursday for the first time in a while, while on an exchange. Did it for about 3 hours. Not sure why everybody dislikes tracting very much. True, it wasn't very effective, but you can definitely make it fun. Also, while doing it we ran into some spanish people, and the elder I was with for the day doesn't know spanish, so it was pretty cool getting to talk to him all on my own for like 20 minutes (turns out he's a member, of the spanish group in that town, that we didn't really know about). Pretty sweet

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