Monday, November 3, 2014

Tattoos, Birthdays, and Other Stuff

Haha I'm glad to hear everything is going good up there. Hopefully your lesson with the missionaries and the investigator goes great again! Keep being super awesome examples!

This week was pretty busy. Haha I'm not even really sure what we did that made it so busy, it was just...busy. President has been doing his interviews with everyone here at the office, so there's been a ton of people coming in and out of the office this week. Plus it was the mission president's wife's birthday and the mission nurse's birthday, so we celebrated both of those. The days really just kind of blend together here in the office though.

We didn't get to go out to our area very much this week unfortunately. We got to go contact an interesting reference, so that was cool. She has a tattoo place in her house, and when we got there the door was open and she was inside giving someone a tattoo. She talked to us for a little bit and was way nice, but said that the mornings are the best time to find her...which is cool that she's willing to let us come back, but we can't go out in the mornings, so we had to pass the reference off to the sisters that share our ward. We also ended up passing Valentin and Franco off to the sisters also (2 of the kids from the plaza). And then last night I went on a 2 or 3 hour "exchange" with one of the assistants because they had a service activity but one of them had to be at the office, so that was pretty fun. I went with Elder Rainock. He's been way fun to get to know here in the office. We've been talking a lot more this transfer, especially since he found out he got accepted to BYU. Haha pretty much everyone in the office isn't really what you'd expect.

Well, as a verse of the week this week, I was thinking of something I read in D&C 107:30-31. The whole section 107 pretty much talks about the organization of the church, and verses 30 and 31 explain a little about how a church group should make decisions, and then goes on to give a promise to those that make decisions in that way. I was just thinking about how our lives might be different if we made all of our personal decisions with those things in mind. It says that decisions should be made with humility of heart, meekness, faith, virtue, knowledge, patience, and charity (to name a few). I can honestly say that not all my decisions are as strongly based on those characteristics as they should be. It reminds me of the conference talk from a few weeks ago when we were told to ask ourselves if the things that we do will make us better people, or not. Food for thought I guess.

Anyway, I hope everything is going great. Mom and Dad, I hope your busy jobs/activities are going well and that you still have plenty of time to do good fun stuff. I hope you all have another good week and a happy halloween!

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