Monday, November 3, 2014

Daily Revelation...

Hey ¿cómo estáis? haha

Haha sounds like you've all been doing pretty good this week. Glad to hear that nobody died. I wasn't really expecting anyone to die, but hey, all the more reason for me to be grateful it didn't happen. Unexpected deaths are the worst. So anyway...

Pretty good week this week. Any week that includes general conference is pretty much bound to awesome. We watched it all on a projector here at the offices. I've watched conference before while looking for guidance or answers, but this was the first time I've really taken time to think about and write down some of the questions I wanted answered, so that was a pretty good experience. I've noticed that the notes you take during conference say a lot about you...I've compared small bits of notes with other missionaries after other conferences, and sometimes it looks like we weren't even listening to the same talk. So it was kind of interesting to go back and look at my notes this time and think about what they say about the types of things I've been thinking about and the kind of guidance I need. Interesting.

As far as other stuff this week... the offices had their interviews with president on monday, so that was cool. It was a little weird, just because I remember that before I came to the offices, the only time we ever talked to president was during interviews, but now I text him/talk to him all the time. Haha my interview was literally like 3-4 minutes long, and all we talked about was about whether or not I'll be training my replacement next transfer and what kind of skills he might need. So...hopefully I train a new financiero next transfer! Haha he asked me how I would feel if I had to stay 5 transfers instead of 4, and I told him I would do it if I had to...but he laughed and caught that I would only do it if I "had" to....which is totally true.

Besides that, nothing too exciting. Paid a lot of rent money and bills this week. Hahaha I accidentally got the electricity of the sisters we share a ward with cut off because I put their bill in the wrong pile and didn't pay it in time. They called me and apologized a bunch because they thought it was their fault for not getting me the bill in time...but...I ended up having to call them later to apologize when I found out what really happened. So...that was different.

Well, as a verse of the week, I was thinking about Helaman 11:23. During Conference, it seemed to me like a lot of people talked about receiving revelation. The thing that caught my attention in this verse is that is says that they were receiving many revelations daily. It made me wonder about what exactly they were receiving revelations about...? Or, if I had many revelations every day, what kind of guidance would Heavenly Father give me? Obviously, personal revelation is personal. But if we've been commanded to pray always, and God always answers prayers, it seems logical that we should always be able to receive communication from Him. I don't know, the scripture just made me think that maybe we miss out on a lot of opportunities to receive revelation just because we realize they are opportunities. Kinda cool.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Keep being awesome!!

Elder Webster

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