Monday, November 10, 2014



Wow sounds like everyone had way cool weeks this week! I'm glad you are all having fun and being awesome!

This week has been way super busy, but way good at the same time. We had transfers this week...and guess who is training the new financial secretary!!! So this should be my last transfer in the office, I'll be out of here as soon as Elder Trelease more or less knows what he's doing in here. This transfer ends the week before Christmas, so that should be when I leave, unless something weird happens.
But yeah this week has been way crazy. I think getting to see how my new comp and how the new secretary have responded to being in the office the last couple days, its showed the rest of the office staff really just how much we've adjusted to being here and how different it is from the field. Its been a mentally exhausting week for all of us, but the 2 new office elders are just dead after these couple days. But we managed to get it all done!! Last night we were still making phone calls at like 11pm and we had to wake up today at 5:30 trying to make sure everything went smoothly for the meeting. Haha needless to say, when we were finally the only missionaries left at the chapel after the meeting, we all just felt a big load get taken off of our shoulders. But it amazes us how much the President must trust us. He left us completely in charge of getting all 250 missionaries to the meeting from all 3 provinces of the mission, renting 3 double-decker buses, renting 2 hotels, and buying like $5,000 USD worth of food for all the stuff that happened. But hey, it all got done! And the meeting today was a great way to cap off the week! Elder Christofferson was way funny and it was way good. His spanish is amazing!

Francisco is still doing good. And we have an appointment tonight with a guy named Mario who is kind of a miracle reference. Long story short, one of the sister missionaries met him like 11 months ago in a different province and just found out that he lives in our area. So she set up an appointment for us to meet him tonight at the church, so hopefully that goes well!

So verse of the week comes from John 8:29. Its pretty self-explanatory, but it came up like 5 times in our meeting today with Elder Christofferson, and I like the self-applications we can make. Could you imagine if we could honestly say of ourselves what Christ said of Himself in that verse?

Anyway, I hope you have a great week!

Elder Webster

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  1. I love the promise in the scripture. He sounds good.