Monday, September 22, 2014

Spending Millions and Learning to Drive Stick

So first of all, happy 15th birthday Hailey! I was about to say happy 16th birthday, but then I remembered that you are never going to turn old enough to date. Sounds like an exciting week with the monsoons and family history work. Nothing more exciting than that! And I got the package you sent! Way awesome! Haha the elders that go to the place to pick up the mail got to see what was inside it before I did, because they have to open it there for customs stuff, so when they got back to the office they kept telling me how awesome it was. Thanks!

This week was pretty good. Busy as always. I found out I spent over $1 million pesos last month for the mission, so that was kind of cool. This week I also got to go help set up a new apartment we bought. We've been doing contracts and stuff for it the past few weeks, and this week we got to go buy all their furniture and go assemble everything so that next transfer people can move into it. So that was different. Hmmm...oh, I sort of learned how to drive stick this week. The mission has 2 vehicles for the offices, an automatic car and a manual truck. I tried driving the truck like 2 blocks a couple weeks ago, and I probably killed it like 10 times in 5 minutes. Yesterday was the first time I've tried driving it since then, and somehow I made it all the way across town without any problems, so that was pretty awesome. Which is good, because it looks like I might need to be able to drive it on monday. A last minute thing came up this week and a group of missionaries are heading over to Chile on monday for visa stuff, and I think I'm going to have to shuttle some missionaries to a meeting spot here in godoy cruz at like 4 in the morning that I guess I figured out stick shift just in time. Who knew that I would learn that on my mission? The bad news for this week though is that I only got to spend like 3 or 4 hours in my area. But we have a ward family home evening activity planned for tonight at the church that we are in charge of, so that should be fun. We're going to teach about the "armor of God" from Ephesians 5, and then hand out a bunch of cardboard boxes and stuff and have everyone make some armor...and then maybe pull out some lightsabers and nerf guns....maybe. Not sure about that yet haha.

So, this week as the verse of the week, is something I read the other day in Alma 31:38. In this chapter, we see 2 examples of prayer, right as a group of missionaries head out to begin to teach the people. This verse says something along the lines of how "the Lord...gave them strength so that they did not suffer any type of affliction that wasn't consumed in the joy of Christ...because he prayed with faith". It stood out to me that the Lord didn't stop the missionaries from having afflictions, but rather, He helped them to find joy and peace in their trials, and they found that it was all worth it in the end. Haha sounds a lot like missionaries and missions today.

Well, thats...that. Haha I hope you all have an awesome week! Keep being super cool.

Elder Webster

The new soccer field they're putting in at the office (they tore the old one down a few weeks ago).

The view from the balcony of the new apartment we were opening.

Elder Chamorro and I after assembling a bunch of furniture

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