Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Good Week

Hey, ¿Cómo estáis?
Haha in the words of an Elder from my MTC group, "There´s some spanish for ya!" Haha anyway, it looks like you had a way fun time for mom's birthday!! Way cool! And happy birthday to Hailey next week! And thats way cool dad, that you took out Jordan's friends to go rabbit/snake hunting for a bit, and I hope Jaxon enjoyed dove hunting! And thanks for all the cool pictures!

Haha well, another good week here in Godoy Cruz Centro. We were way busy this week and didn't get to go to our areas like at all this week, because we had to get everything prepared for a whole bunch of huge meetings that we had.  We had over half the mission here at the offices this week for zone conferences and leadership meetings. And we had to get everything ready for the meetings next week that won't be at the offices, so we can send everything with the President and the APs to take out to the missionaries. But it was way nice getting to see a lot of old friends from the mission this past week and hearing news from my old areas. In fact, I got a couple letters from an awesome family in Rodeo del Medio, so that was way exciting!! Patricia is still doing awesome, and I got a letter that was from her brother Jorge and Jorge's girlfriend, where they told me that they think they are going to get baptized soon, haha and they were even apologizing a bit for being so closed to me while I was there. So it was way great to hear from them!!! And I got to write some letters back to them and send them with the missionaries that are there now. And a little closer to the offices, Jhony was out of town all week, but he's texted us a few times and it sounds like he's been doing good. In fact, last week at church, the lesson was on missionary work, and he is way excited to go help his friends! Lets see... besides that...I set a record for most money taken out by the financial secretary at one time, so that was pretty cool. And last saturday night I had to make a road trip and drive way out to the middle of nowhere for a "financial emergency" (haha it sounds way cooler when I say it like that). But yeah, nothing else that was too exciting or out of the ordinary this week.

As a verse of the week---is a scripture that the President shared in the zone conferences this week. John 15:16. The part he focused on was  " I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain" He talked a lot about what we can do to help people become converted, not just to the point of them agreeing to get baptized, but to the point of really trying to help them stay strong in the church. It reminds me of a scripture I read this morning in Alma 15:12, where it says that "Alma baptized Zeezrom unto the Lord, and from then on Zeezrom began to preach to the people" (..might not be word for word translated right). Our President, and Heavenly Father, want the converts to the church to be just that...converts.

Well, that was probably not the most exciting letter I've ever written but... lets not start pointing fingers. I hope you all have a great week! And I hope Hailey decides to postpone her birthday and just stay 15 years old!

Elder Webster

Some pics, for the visually blessed:

Elder Chamorro from Colombia and Elder Magdaluyo from Las Vegas when we went to buy waters for some of the meetings.

Elder Chamorro outside of our pench-there are 8 of us that live there, there are 3 bedrooms, around 24 beds (for visitors), 4 more or less working showers, 2 more or less working toilets, and 1 working budet, and it has a place to do asado (argentine bbq) on the roof. So...welcome to the most expensive pench in the mission!

The street outside of our pench...because its beautiful...and its ours.

And my comp, Elder Magdaluyo, after we set one of the meetings.

Haha I bet you thought there would be a pic of me! Well...better luck next time

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