Friday, August 8, 2014

Stress and a Graffiti Artist

Hey everyone!
Wow sounds like everyone has had a crazy and fun week this past week! I'm glad you all enjoyed it and that nobody died:) I dare you to go and have an even crazier week next week!

I had another good week this week. Time flies in the office, but every day is so similar so its kind of weird. The trip to Chile ended up going well (but no, I didn't get to go). Its been pretty stressful though. I've been way more stressed in the offices than I ever was out in the field for some reason. I thought I was handling it well though, up until a day or two ago some sister missionaries were at the offices and they came over to my office to say hi, but the first thing they said when they saw me was "elder, why do you look so stressed?" haha so I guess I haven't been hiding it as well as I thought. But my job will get like 5 times easier once President is able to sign checks for me. But someone told me something this week that made me feel nice and prideful. There is this guy that has worked really closely with the mission for like 20 years, and this week when he came in he told me that he didn't really know me yet, but that he had worked with a lot of office elders, and that based on the stuff he's already seen me done, he knows what kind of work I'll do and that he's excited to work with me. So, that was a nice way of getting me to be all full of myself haha.

Umm, so in other news, there is a cool missionary that got brought into the office this week. He's got some pretty serious knee problems and had to get taken out of the field, and it looks like he might become the new historiador. He's pretty fun. He used to be a professional street-artist/graffiti-artist, so we've been having him make cool art things all over the offices. So that's been kind of a fun change.

Anyway, so the verse I was thinking of sharing this week is...2 Nephi 3:17. It is Lehi quoting Joseph of Egypt's prophecy about Moses. The thing that I thought was cool is that the Lord makes it clear that before Moses was even born, He know what his strengths and weaknesses would be. He says some of the things He would do to help with the weaknesses, but He has no intention of removing the weakness entirely. He does the same with us. He knows our weaknesses better than we do, and although He won't push us beyond what we are able and He is always willing to help us, our weaknesses are OUR weaknesses. We simply have weaknesses. There is no use worrying about them or being sad about them. Like it says in Ether, we have weaknesses to help us be humble. They're supposed to be there. So I guess its a blessing that He gave me so many of them!!

Well I hope you all have another great, fun-filled week!

Elder Webster

A pic from Centro today

Me looking like a thug in my Argentina ghetto clothes.

Like 20,000 pesos

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