Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Was A Good Week

Hey Everyone!
I can't believe there is now officially another Elder Webster out in the mission field. I can't wait to hear about it! And that's cool about the new callings, mom and dad! Hope everything is going well!
So, I've got lots of stuff to write this week, so hopefully I remember to put in all the cool things that happened--

First, we got all the new missionaries this week, so that kept us way busy! It was way fun getting to talk to all of them/see them all kind of freaking out. It was kind of funny, all the questions they were asking us. But probably my favorite part of the things we did with them was on Wednesday night. They got their comps on Thursday, but the president and his wife wanted them to go out to work as soon as possible, so on Wednesday, we all split up, and I got to take 2 new missionaries out to go talk to people in the streets. It was awesome! We got to this little plaza, and I saw about 4 or 5 teenagers sitting on a bench smoking weed so...I decided we should go talk to them. As we were introducing ourselves, I thought of the Preach My Gospel DVDs, so I turned to one of the new missionaries and told him "talk to them about the restoration". The new elder looked at me for a second, then pulled out a pamphlet and started explaining. One of the guys interrupted to ask about life after death, and long story short...we ended up teaching the plan of salvation to about 15 teenagers while all of us were sitting in a circle on the ground in the middle of the plaza. There was like 3 rows of people in the circle all trying to listen to us. Way cool. Afterwards, the new missionaries were like freaking out and asking me if I had done that a lot...haha, nope! But way cool. I ended up going back to that plaza with my new comp (Elder Magdaluyo-the graffiti artist elder that is in the office waiting to see what happens with some knee problems), and a bunch of the teenagers greeted us and started calling their friends over to show them we had come. We'll see where that all goes I guess.

As far as Johnny goes, it looks like he'll be getting baptized next Saturday, unless something unexpected happens. So we're all pretty excited about that too. In one of our lessons with him this week, a new sister missionary and her trainer sat in on the lesson also. It was kind of fun seeing the new missionary in her first ever lesson. Haha she didn't say a word, but, still cool. Its amazing how many people we've gotten to teach/talk to this week, with how busy we've been. Literally, mission rules say to be back at the apartment by 9pm, but we've had to stay out until like 11pm 3 times this week because of all the things we had to do to organize transfers and receive the new people. And we need to get everything ready for a general authority that is coming next week (Elder ViƱas of the 70), so, plenty busy. But since Elder Magdaluyo doesn't know for how long he'll get to stay in the mission because of his knees, we set the goal to really make an effort to try to get out and teach as much as possible. Which brings me to another fun lesson we had with a less active. I'll keep it short but, the lesson started when the teenage son stole his dad's bag of weed, and ended when the dad threatened his son by saying that he better say a good closing prayer or he'd "break him bad" was interesting.

Anyway, as a verse of the week, it was something that I read a couple days ago that kind of stood out to me. It was really a phrase more than the whole verse, but I liked it a lot. Jacob 4:12. Here, Jacob had just finished teaching about Christ and the gospel, and in this verse he tells the people to "marvel not" that he would tell them those things, because "...why not speak of the Atonement of Christ..?" I really liked that phrase. Why not speak of the atonement of Christ? I feel like it really applies a lot to the goal that Elder Magdaluyo and I have set. And it is a great guideline for new missionaries. So often, especially at the beginning of the mission, we feel unsure of what to say, because we really want to say the perfect thing, or we don't want to mess up. But can we really go wrong if we're talking about Christ's atonement? Why not talk about that?

Well, I feel like there was something else I was going to mention to all of you but..I can't think of what it was. So, I'll just leave it there. I hope you all have a great week! Go and be great!

Elder Webster

Oh, haha I remember the other thing I wanted to mention. Another elder from the offices got in an car accident this past week. No one got hurt, but we have some pictures of the crash and I can not even tell you how tempted I was to send you an email from the official mission email with those pictures saying something like "We're sorry to tell you that Elder Webster was in a serious car accident and is currently at the hospital......." but don't worry, I'm slightly more mature than that. Don't worry, I wasn't even in the car. But I thought I might as well send the pictures, because...why not. The white truck is the mission vehicle, the black car is what he crashed with. I guess that's what happens when we have to keep running errands until 11pm trying to get everything ready on time.

Oh, I'm also attaching a pic of the new steeple they put on our chapel. It didn't have one, but this whole place has been under construction ever since I got to the offices. And a pic of us after carrying all the suitcases of the new missionaries to their hotel. That is only about half of them in that pic though.

Missionary truck

The other car

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