Monday, August 12, 2013

Thanks For All The Emails!


Sorry, not a ton of time to write today, somehow I got 24 emails today from everywhere. So I want to give a shout-out to the Lawrence family and to grandma and grandpa for writing me, I haven't written them back yet and i don't know if I'll have time, but thanks for the updates! I'll try to reply to everyone, but I may run out of time.

So this week was super awesome, and my companion said it was one of the most productive (number-wise) weeks he's had in forever. We did like 20-something lessons, got 9 new investigators, and got a family to come to church with us!!! It was Lucia y Fidel, the ones I mentioned last week. We were waiting for them at church and called them, but they said they couldn't come because they had to wait for someone that worked in the apt. complex to come for some reason. We decided not to take no for an answer, so we went home, grabbed some waffles, and went to go make them breakfast. As soon as we showed up they got excited and got ready to go to church. They all loved it, and Lucia kept telling me during sacrament how amazing the hymns made her feel. It was sweet. Also, members are awesome! I've never seen so many members make such a good effort to come meet the visitors! Possibly because its been like 3 months since real investigators have visited the ward, but whatever the reason, the members were amazing!

You asked about dinners. We have dinners with members every day. I'm not sure if they volunteer or are assigned or how it works, but we have a schedule for dinners about a month in advance. You also asked about money. They give us all the money we should need at the beginning of every month, so no, I don't need you to send me any. Thanks though!

That's awesome that the house sold so fast! I've never heard of a house selling in 3 days. That's probably a huge relief.

Oh, and about the car. Yeah, we drive everyday, and my companion isn't allowed to drive (something about taking right turns to hard?). We drive basically everywhere, averaging like 40 miles a day or something like that. Its cool, we get to listen to conference talks like all day while we drive. The mission is starting to move more towards bikes, but we're trying to postpone that a bit, since I don't really want to buy a bike and then have to leave it here as soon as I get my visa. So we'll see how that goes.

Umm, I just realized I forgot to look for a specific scripture of the week. There's one I really like in Proverbs that says "where there is no vision, the people perish" but i can't remember where it is. I like it because it shows how important it is to have a goal in mind. Pretty sweet.

Thanks for all the support and emails! I love hearing from you guys! I feel like so much has happened but I can't possibly write it all down.

Love you,

Elder Webster

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