Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coming To Know Christ

Haha wow it looks like everybody had a ton of fun on New Years! Thats crazy that it snowed in Tucson! It seems like there is always snow whenever I'm not at home. haha whatever I guess. But I'm glad everyone is doing good and I hope that everyone is ready to go back to school/work!

This week was pretty good. Hard, but good. We didn't end up doing much for my birthday. There are 3 missionaries from Peru in my district, so they made a lunch of food from there, and then we kind of just played some games and talked in the chapel. Haha monday night, to celebrate my birthday, we went and knocked doors in the rain and hail, so that was awesome. Haha but was awesome. Monday and Tuesday went way well and we were blessed with several lessons and new investigators. New Years Eve was pretty fun but not super eventful, and we weren't allowed to leave the apartment of New Years. Ever since New Years its been kind of hard, because it seems like everyboday left on vacation (summer vacation). Literally, Friday and Saturday only 1 person even answered their door (in total for the 2 days). So you might say we're excited for the holidays to come to an end. But we did have an investigator at church yesterday (Augustin, the one that grew up in the US), so that was way cool. We also have a lot of lessons set up for the next couple days where we'll have members to accompany us, so we're excited for that. Hopefully everything goes according to plan....haha it never seems to work out like that.

As a verse of the week, I was thinking of John 17:3 and 1John 2:3-6. The one in John says that eternal life is to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and the passage in 1 John explains a little bit more about how we can know if we know them. We read that second passage in church yesterday and I found myself still thinking about it this morning. Its interesting to me, the many ways that we can come to know them. I don't know its just

Anyway, I hope everyone is ready for school and work again! Love you guys a ton! Keep being awesome!

Elder Webster

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