Monday, October 7, 2013

Visa Approved!


Sounds like you guys have been going crazy. I don't think I'll recognize the house when I get back. That's way cool that you got to meet that guy and give him some salmon! He sounds way cool. Glad Jordan didn't get bit by the snake, and that's cool that he'll have a new job! I hope everything is going well and that you guys have a fun break from school. I'm sure you'll find something fun to do! And thanks for the card and money for McD's! That'll be awesome to use.

Yeah Conference was pretty sweet. We watched all the saturday ones at the church, the sunday morning one at the Creswell's house, and the sunday afternoon one at the church. We tried to get all the spanish people at the church for the sunday afternoon one so we could all watch it in spanish together...but only 1 person showed up, out of all the members and investigators we invited. And he's already a member. So we ended up giving him headphones to hear in spanish and we just watched it in english. Still fun though, lots of great talks. I'm not sure what my favorite was, but ElderEdward Dube had to be one of my favorites. Haha we already have the whole conference in our car listening to it again.

So...Jade. We were over at her house Tuesday choosing speakers and hymns for her baptism, and then went over Wednesday and all of a sudden she had more doubt than I've ever heard of/seen before. Honestly, if I was doing a role play with some to practice teaching and they used the doubts she had, I'd get mad at my partner for being so ridiculous. We still have hope for her, but the baptism was cancelled and we're hoping to set a date in the future. Haha that family is crazy/fun to work with. The mom is super motivated/spiritual, but no one else is nearly as dedicated as her and she can't figure out how to help them. Haha but Jade won homecoming queen this past I guess thats something to celebrate.
Oh, last night I ate dinner with the Thompson's. They're super nice, fun, and generous. One of our investigator families lives on a 2nd house on their property. They're also pretty good cooks and sent us home with a bunch of extra food too. Anyway, they're snowbirds or whatever and they're going to be in TUCSON for the next couple months. I gave them your address and told them to stop by, so maybe you'll get to meet them!

Let's see...anything else interesting this week....? Oh, umm.... my visa got approved!! Ya know, no big deal. I was told I'll be flying to Argentina on the 22nd of this month, but I'm not sure if they know all the details yet. So that's pretty nifty. I'll definitely miss Oregon and the people I've met here, so I feel slightly bad feeling excited to leave them but...I'm excited. Deal with it.

Oh, fun story. Evelina and Ramon. First of all, every hispanic person will tell you their catholic, as far as I can tell. But these two are the first that have proved it to us. The first time we met them they told us we could try coming by late on a weeknight, but they'd probably be busy praying, or that we could try a sunday, but that they'd probably either be at church or reading the scriptures. Yeah. So we went by last night. The whole conversation was about how active they are in their church. When we told them about the restoration, they basically said "oh, so you're church is only like 200 years old. Ours is 2000, so ours is right. Maybe one day you guys will catch up." (in a nutshell). Then they told us that if we believe in praying we should pray that all the satanic people that sacrifice little kids for halloween would be stopped. So...umm...yeah, fun people.

Anyway, I was thinking of Luke 9:62 as a verse of the week this week. It practically sums up Dube's talk, and its pretty cool.

Not sure what else to say, but I hope you guys are having an awesome time and I want you to know that I'm having an awesome time.


Elder Webster

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