Monday, October 21, 2013

How Do You Say Pizza In Spanish?


So that was way cool that we got to talk on the phone for like a minute! Wasn't expecting to get to do that. Haha sounds like dad and hailey had a fun weekened. I don't know if I'll have time to respond to Hailey's email, but make sure she knows she's awesome! Haha you're all awesome. And I'm super glad to see the things Hailey and Jaxon both sent me. That was really cool.

So obviously I'm super excited to fly down to Argentina. Thats cool Kollin is going the same time. Maybe I'll see him! And I hope I get to see my companion from the MTC, because he's going down on Wednesday. Oh, and tell both sets of grandparents thank you so much for the packages! And tell they YM/YW thank you for taking a mutual to write to me, that was cool.

So cool week. We taught one guy the first lesson, and he took notes the whole time and said he believed us. I love it when people listen and want to believe. Most people listen, think its weird, and don't want to talk to us, but other people listen to the first vision like we're teaching a history lesson and get super interested and want to know why the people at their church never told them about it, because it seems like it should be a big deal (which it is...). Oh, and yesterday we knocked on a door and just taught the whole first lesson while we were standing at the door, and by the end I had this feeling to ask about baptism, which usually we wait a bit longer to ask about, but I asked and she said she'd be willing to get baptized! So that was way cool. We also went to teach a less-active family about the Word of Wisdom, and at the end we blessed the house and they went, grabbed all their coffee and tea, and threw it in my companion's backpack so we could go throw it away for them. Haha so lots of cool stuff this week. We also set 2 other baptismal dates with people, although they might have to get pushed back. One of them had a date before, but was living with her boyfriend and didn't stop..but...he got deported so now there's no problem. Haha I guess I should feel more sad about her boyfriend being deported... haha its crazy how many illegals we meet. Weird stuff.

Hey so I tried to attach some pictures, but I'm on a library computer and it says theres some sort of restriction on them. So I'm not sure if they'll show up or not. Hopefully. Oh, haha a native speaking missionary told me yesterday that my spanish is actually pretty good, and he was surprised when I told him that I never speak it with my companions or in our apartment. Haha I think I let compliments like that go to my head way to easily.

Speaking of which, when I called you guys asked me to speak spanish and asked what I ate for lunch...? haha what did you expect me to say?? Saying "pizza" doesn't exactly require spanish. Pero, estoy dispuesto a escribir en espanol. No mas quiero compartir mi testimonio acerca de nuestra Iglesia, y que se' que el libro de mormon contiene la palabra de Dios y la plentiud del Evangelio.

Anyway, I think verse of the week could be Genesis 19:15-17. Our mission president has been sharing that chapter a lot lately, relating it to the hastening of the work, and how it wasn't enough to leave the city, but they had to leave the plains and go to the mountains (mountain->mountain of the Lord->temples). I thought it was interesting. He also related missionary work to Noah trying to tell people to get into the Ark. We were picturing what the people must have thought when it first started raining, and how they must have felt when they realized that after a couple days or whatever, that it was really going to start flooding. He urged us to treat missionary work like that, how we're literally trying to save their lives. I thought it was pretty cool.

Well I'm going to keep trying to get these pictures to go through. I can't really think of anything else to say. Oh, and mom, I assume I'll just email next p-day, I don't think I'll be calling or anything before then. But I also didn't think I was going to call yesterday, so I have no idea.

I'm glad you guys are doing so good, and I hope everything is going well! I'm glad Jaxon had fun at camp, I hope Jordan likes his new job, I hope Hailey keeps being perfect, and I hope you guys keep guys!

Con amor,

Elder Webster

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