Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Studying It Up

Hey guys,

That's cool that Brayden's coming this week. I think the "new MTC" is the West Campus. Its like a temporary one over in the BYU off-campus housing at Wyview. If he is over there I probably won't see him. Although in a couple weeks our Branch/Zone is being disbanded and our district (the only ones that will still be here that are in our branch) will be combined with another branch, and there's a rumor that we might have to move over there.

Yeah, Andrew entered the MTC about a month before I did, and since he's going to Ohio, English speaking, I think he was only here for like 11 days, so he was out in the field before I even got here.

We're still teaching "investigators," but we finished with our first one. The investigators are all (or almost all) teachers here, so after we finished teaching Marcelo and got him to commit to baptism, we found out he was going to be one of our new teachers. We now have two investigators, Santiago and Diego. We haven't got to meet Diego yet though. Teaching is way fun. They're finally actually starting to help us practice teaching techniques, and they let us try doing a lesson in English... and it went way better. My companion and I sort of lose our personality when we teach in Spanish, but in English we felt a lot more friendly and it was easier to show the investigator that he could trust us.

Haha I feel like I have so many things I could tell you guys in these emails, and I'm constantly doing things, but when I sit down to type the email I can't remember anything about what I've been doing. I have the same problem when I write in my journal. The classes, lessons, and days all start blending together.

Well one thing I've been doing a lot of is playing soccer, which is pretty awesome. We get gym time a couple times a week and I always go to the field across the street with some other Elders in my zine to play soccer. One of them spent the last year playing for a college team, so he's pretty fun to play with.

Another thing I've been working on is memorizing things more. A few days ago I memorized the first verse of Called To Serve in Spanish (the Spanish version has 4 verses). I actually like the Spanish version more. My companion and I translated it and it sounds pretty epic. The first verse basically says that we are called to serve, to testify of Christ, to proclaim light to a world in darkness, and then the chorus is about singing a song of triumph and fighting for a celestial cause with the power of God. Sounds pretty cool. I've also started trying to memorize some of my favorite scriptures in Spanish. So far I've learned D&C 58:27 and Moroni 7:13. It says that everything which inviteth and enticeth to do good, love God, and to serve Him, is inspired of God. Not only does this seem like a good guide for making decisions, but since the whole point of missionary work is to invite people to those things, it means that the things I do should be inspired of God. Kinda nifty. I had some other thoughts/scriptures on that topic but... I don't feel like typing them.

Mom, you mentioned that its good that my companion and I get along. You're right, and its way helpful that we get along as well as we do. He actually wants to be a seminary teacher in Utah when he's older, and he loves learning/studying about the gospel. I know I would try to work hard no matter who my companion was, but I'm glad that he works hard enough to help keep me motivated. Of the 8 Elders in my District, only 3 of us have done any college, the other 5 are right out of high school. I don't want to make it sound like they don't work hard or that I work harder than them, they're still always teaching me things and we're all trying our best to learn, Just tell Jordan to keep that in mind. I remember always thinking of missionaries as these perfect examples, and next year that's supposed to be you.  Haha speaking of perfect examples, I heard from someone that since the church isn't super old in Argentina, the members there look to missionaries practically the same way we look to church leaders. So... that'll be interesting. 

Oh, and Sunday was cool. It doesn't exactly feel like a day of rest here, but it was still really cool. Our sacrament meeting was just our branch, about 30 of us, and the majority of it was in Spanish (except for two of the talks, who were given by one of the branch presidency members and his wife, neither of whom know Spanish.... Which I imagine makes paying attention during sacrament rather hard for them). Our sacrament meeting is also cool because 2 missionaries are supposed to give 5 minute talks in Spanish about a certain topic, but we don't know who will be speaking until we get there. We're all expected to write a talk every week just in case.

Dad, you asked about the visa. I haven't heard anything about it.

Anyway, life's good, the gospel's great, and... I'm basically out of time. Have an awesome week!

Les Amo,
Elder Webster

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