Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here We Go!


Pues, I'm allowed to email today because I may or may not be having my p-day next week, since normal p-days are on monday and thats my travel day and I'll have interviews with whoever the branch president in Portland is. Haha they literally told us nothing about our temporary reassignments. All they gave me was a piece of paper that said I will be temporarily serving in the Oregon Portland Mission and they stapled on my travel plans. We were able to look up the mission boundaries last night though. It looks like it covers the southern half of portland, and the eastern border is the peak of Mt. Hood. We're all pretty excited to leave the CCM, but we've started to really like it here. Its hard not to become good friends when you spend every second for 6 weeks together with 7 other Elders. Its gone by so fast, but at the same time, the days are so long here that by the time we go to bed we all have to check our planners to remember what we did that morning.

As far as the reassignments go, we're a little nervous, for different reasons. Elder Evans is nervous because he's going to Detroit and doesn't want to get mugged...understandable. Elder Kidman is worried that he's supposed to be flying all the way to New Hampshire by himself but has only been to an airport once before. And we're all nervous because we packed specifically for Argentina, and now I'm wishing I had more waterproof stuff (please don't send anything though). We're also curious if they're going to make us buy bikes, because we don't know if our new missions are biking missions. We're hoping we're just going to be walking, we don't want to buy a bike and then have to leave it when we go to Argentina. Haha, it would be way weird if we ended up somewhere we got cars.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say, since the reassignment is the main interesting thing this week. Its kind of weird here now, and sunday will be odd. The CCM is lowering its number of spanish speakers to take in all the english ones, so our branch is being dissolved along with a bunch of other spanish branches. They started right after we got here, so in church tomorrow the only people that will be there will be our branch president, his wife, and the 8 of us. Haha, we really want to do a musical number and have the 8 of us sing to them. Who knows?

Vos amo,

Elder Webster

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