Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today Jace entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, UT. Of course we are very proud of him, and excited for him, but it's hard to let him go. I want so much to text him to ask how he's doing and what it's like, but we can't do that for the next two years! We can't text, call, or skype. We can send packages and letters which may or may not get there, and we can email. He can only email us once a week and call on Mother's Day and Christmas.

There are many reasons that I'm okay with this, but two of the main ones were stated best by Bret and Jace. Bret reminded me that Heavenly Father let us have Jace to teach him and prepare him for this and for all the other things He has in store for him. We were naive and unprepared, but He trusted us anyway. Now He asks us to give him back for two years. Why should we hesitate? Heavenly Father is perfectly equipped to guide, protect, and teach Jace. He knows all, and makes no mistakes. Jace is where He wants him to be, and could be in no better hands.

After he first learned that he would be going to Argentina, Jace said that he wasn't being sent to Argentina, he was called there. That meant to him that Heavenly Father wasn't sending him away, but calling him to where He was and inviting him to help. I had never thought of it that way, and I think it's a very comforting thought!

Yesterday we took Jace to the Tucson airport. After he checked in his bags the worker asked if he was traveling alone, and if one of us wanted to escort him to the gate. We kind of laughed because people are always thinking he is much younger than he is ("Would you like a child's menu?" haha...), but I didn't argue! I stayed with him right up until they started to board. That's when it hit me all at once that this was really happening! It was very emotional saying goodbye and watching him walking away for the last time.

Today Grandma and Grandpa Webster, and Aunt Stelene took him to the Temple, and then the MTC.

 I like that last picture with the other young men in the same situation. Comforting to know he's not alone!

We are already excited to get our first email next Monday! We'll post it here, and hope that you will check in every once in a while to see how he's doing. Thank you all for your support!


  1. When he comes back down that gangway in two years the joy will be a thousand times the angst of this week.